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    Frequently asked Questions


    Q: Where do I find the rules?
    A: They are pinned to the top of this section. There is a detailed rules thread, and a summarized version of the rules. We recommend if you REALLY want to avoid breaking rules, you read the former. Failure to read the rules is not an excuse to be exempt from punishment.

    Summarized Rules: http://itsjerryandharry.com/threads/the-j-h-rules.57475/
    Detailed Rules: http://itsjerryandharry.com/threads/detailed-rules.74449/


    ---Buyable Perks---

    Q: This server is amazing! How do I support it?
    A: Take a trip to our store, there’s tons of amazing perks there!

    Store URL: http://store.itsjerryandharry.com/

    Q: My perks haven’t come in! What now?
    A: For any store related issues, email info@itsjerryandharry.com. Here you can expect a response on your issue within 24 hours. Make sure to include proof of payment. (Recommended to provide a receipt for proof)

    Q: I want a refund!
    A: J&H do not provide refunds. Any attempted refund of a perk will result in a permanent ban from the server until the fees are paid back.

    Q: How do I transfer my rank to a new account?
    A: Simple: You can’t. J&H don’t provide this service to users. If you wish to get a rank for a new account you must purchase it again from the store.

    Q: I got donator but the rank didn’t appear on my forums or discord?
    A: Follow these tutorials to get a rank on the forums / discord.

    Discord: http://itsjerryandharry.com/threads/how-to-get-donator-rank-on-discord.111580/
    Forums: http://itsjerryandharry.com/threads/how-to-get-donator-rank-on-the-forums.99362/

    Provided donator features can be located on the drop down menu from your name:


    ---Forums Help---

    Q: How do I post a thread?
    A: Every section (Excluding News and Server information) has a button for you to post a thread!


    Q: How do I upload files in a thread?
    A: Use the “Upload a file” button at the bottom of your thread creation box!

    Q: How do I make a spoiler? Or a strikethrough post?
    A: The “Insert” button is for you!


    Q: My thread is in the wrong section! What do I do?
    A: Staff members are able to move threads for you! Generally staff will notice quickly of a misplaced thread and move it for you, but in the case they don’t, just ask a staff member yourself.

    Q: How do I delete a thread?
    A: Once a thread is posted, it is impossible to delete. Staff members do not delete threads on request. The solution to this is locking the thread.

    Posting on a thread uses the same format as posting a thread, only a smaller box area.

    Other thread tools:
    • Bold, Underline, and Italic options are provided through the “B” “I” and “U” icons on your post.
    • You can resize your post through the multiple “A”’s you can see, here you can also change the color of the post, or if you feel like it, make text bigger.
    • The smiley face is the multiple emojis you can use! Now including J&H’s own homemade ones!
    • You can Insert Media and and Image through the options next to the smiley face. Inserting media now includes a plethora of supported sites!

    Q: What are tags?
    A: They post your thread within a list of threads tagged with the same thing!

    You can access the tags menu through clicking on the tag itself at the top of a thread.



    Q: How do I create a "Private Conversation", or "PM"?
    A: You are able to start a conversation through the "Inbox" drop down menu in the corner, in between your name and "Alerts". There, you need to click "Start a conversation" and invite the participants you want. You can also make it so they cannot add other participants, or so that they can't respond to it.

    upload_2018-2-4_19-4-38.png upload_2018-2-4_19-5-18.png

    Q: Someone broke a forums rule! What do I do?
    A: Under every post is a “Report” button. You must state a valid reason for reporting a certain post. Abuse of this feature will result in punishment.

    Q: How do I appeal a forums warning?
    A: Same way you can appeal a normal warning on the server; in the Ban/Mute/Warn appeals section. Usually you will be provided an automatic conversation sent by the staff member who warned you. Do not attempt to argue the warning in the PM, that’s what appealing it is for.

    Q: How do I disable email alerts?
    A: You can enable/disable email alerts (and other features) through your “Preferences” menu on your profile!


    Q: I don’t want people looking at my personal information! How do I put a stop to that?
    A: These settings are located in “Privacy”. You can make it so only your followers see it, or nobody.



    ---Help Related---

    Q: Help! I’m getting the error “java.net.SocketException: Network is unreachable”!
    A: This thread explains everything you need to know: http://itsjerryandharry.com/threads/java-net-socketexception-network-is-unreachable.108187/

    Q: Ech! I’m stuck in the ground!
    A: A Mod+ or higher will assist you when available and teleport you to spawn. Do not use this for personal gain.

    Q: Someone is harassing me! What do I do?
    A: Please refer to the “Report abuse” section.

    Make sure to post questions like these ones in the "Help" section of the forums.


    ---Reporting Bugs---

    Note: Only report server sided bugs. Bugs with minecraft are not fixable by J&H (e.g item frames and pistons glitching near the worldborder in creative).

    Q: I’m stuck in a lilypad! Is this a bug?
    A: This is a minecraft sided error, and cannot be fixed by J&H. A fix to this would be to downgrade to a version pre-1.9.

    Q: /help just says unknown command? Is this a bug?
    A: This is indeed, a reportable bug since it is a server sided glitch. In this situation you need to wait for an owner to respond after it is fixed internally.


    ---Reporting Players---

    There are multiple ways to report, including the in-game “/report” command, and the forums “Report Abuse” section.
    Note: Only you and staff members can see your reports to avoid harassment and flame wars within the report threads leading to more issues.

    “Report Abuse” would be for reports which would be too long / detailed to make an in-game report of. If you want to explain a report in-depth then it’s recommended you put it here.

    Q: What is enough to warrant a harassment report?
    A: It’s according to circumstances whether something can be considered harassment or not. Someone saying “stfu” with little to no context is not enough to warrant any punishment at all. However, if used with more context it could be considered harassment.

    Example of a reportable offense:

    Player 1: Please leave me alone :(
    Player 2: Lol no, you’re bad kid

    In this context, it would be enough to warrant a warning for harassment.

    Q: What is enough to warrant a profanity report?
    A: Someone saying “fuck” once is not enough to warrant a warning.

    Example of a reportable offense:

    Player: Lol what the fuck
    Player: That’s so fucking weird what the fuck bitch lol

    Profanity used like this multiple times in messages close to eachother is enough to warrant a profanity warning.

    Q: What is enough to warrant a spamming report?
    A: Spamming is repeatedly sending multiple messages in a row. Someone advertising a roleplay sending a message every 10 - 20 seconds while chat is slow is not enough to warrant a spamming warning.

    Example of a reportable offense:

    Player: lol
    Player: I
    Player: don't
    Player: get
    Player: it

    Player 2: stop spamming
    Player 3: yeah shut up

    Please make sure to tag your threads correctly in the section. (e.g a hacking report would be tagged with “Hacking & Cheating”

    ---Reporting Staff Members---

    Q: How do I know if a staff member is “breaking a rule”?

    A: Anything you could report a normal player for, you can report a staff member for. They follow the same network rules as everyone else, with no extra exceptions. Your report however, does not mean a staff member will automatically be demoted or severely punished (according to the situation).

    Q: I was warned completely unfairly! Does this mean I report the staff member?
    A: No. If you are trying to appeal a warning/ban/mute, you need to do that in the Ban/Mute/Warn appeals section and not here. Just because you believe your punishment was unfair does not mean the staff member is abusing.

    Q: Why is the staff member I reported responding? Isn’t he supposed to be oblivious of this!
    A: Staff members are required to provide their side of the story in every power abuse report against them, however the final decision is ultimately made by an administrator.


    ---Ban Appeals---

    All "unfair punishment" appeals go in the Ban/Mute/Warn Appeals section.
    Please note it might take a bit for a reply on your ban appeal from the staff member who issued the punishment.
    Note: Only you and staff members can see your ban appeal to avoid arguments and people targeting you for malicious reasons.

    Q: What is a ban appeals team?

    A: The ban appeals team consists of all the mod+’s and admins and is used for discussing appeals. If you admit to being guilty on an appeal, you will most likely receive a message along the lines of “Please wait while we discuss your appeal”. Appeal discussions can take awhile according to your punishment.

    Q: My appeal got denied because I didn’t respond! Am I going to remain banned without chance of appealing?
    A: If your appeal is denied due to a lack of a response within the 48 hour time limit provided, you must make a new appeal. The results of your old appeal will not affect your new one if you did not respond at all; just make sure you respond this time!

    Q: I got banned for “Illegal client Mod(0##)”, what does this mean?
    A: If you get a message like that for your ban, it means that your ban was issued by the anti-cheat system on our server. Only Administrators can deal with these appeals, so it might take a bit longer for a response.

    Q: Wait! My appeal was closed before I could finish, what do I do?
    A: You are able to PM a Mod+ or higher about the situation in the appeal. This doesn’t guarantee that the overall outcome of your appeal will change, but just gives you a change to explain the rest of your story after the discussion has ended.

    S: "Ban appeals" takımı nedir?
    C: Bu takım, tüm mod+ları ve adminleri içerir ve appeallar ile ilgilenirler. Eğer bir appealda suçlu olduğunuzu söylerseniz, büyük ihtimalle “Please wait while we discuss your appeal” (Lütfen appealınızı tartışmamızı bekleyin) gibi bir mesaj alacaksınız. Appeal soruşturmaları sizin cezanıza göre zaman alabilir.

    S: Cevap vermediğim için Appealım kapandı! Banlı mı kalacağım?
    C: Eğer senin Appealın 48 saat içerisinde cevap vermediğin için kapatılırsa, yeni bir appeal açmalısın. Eski appealının sonuçları yeni olanı etkilemeyecektir, sadece zamanında cevap vermelisin!

    S: Banlanma sebebimde “Illegal client Mod(0##)” diyor, bu ne demek?
    C: Eğer ban sebebin buna benzer bir mesaj ise bilmelisin ki senin banın anti-hile tarafından atılmıştır. Sadece Admin yetkisine sahip olanlar sizler ile ilgilenebilir, yani normalden daha uzun bir sürede cevap alabilirsiniz.

    S: Bekleyin! Appealım ben daha anlatmayı bitirmediğim halde kapandı, ne yapabilirim?
    C: Bir Mod+ veya daha üst yetkiye sahip bir kişiye bu konu hakkında mesaj atabilirsin. Bu tabi ki de appealının sonucunun değişeceğini garantilemez fakat yine de sana anlattığının geri kalanını açıklama şansını verir.

    (Credit to @Ancienty for translating)

    ---Staff Applications---

    Put all staff applications in the "Staff Applications" forum inside of a thread.
    Note: Only you and staff members can see your application. This is to prevent plagiarism and people targeting your information.

    MAKE SURE TO READ THE TUTORIAL: http://itsjerryandharry.com/threads/tutorial-how-to-write-a-staff-application.59040/

    Q: My application hasn’t gotten a reply and it’s been months! Was it denied?
    A: There is no set amount of time for an application to be accepted or denied. Applications are only officially accepted/denied when you receive a response from a staff member saying so.

    Q: How do I close the application myself?
    A: You can request your staff application to be closed by asking a staff member VIA. discord, PM on the forums, or reporting it requesting for it to be closed. If you try to close it without notice, it might be awhile before it’s actually recognized as a closed application.

    Q: Do I need to be in a specific timezone or know multiple languages for this?
    A: Of course not. Staff are accepted more based on their activity in the community and behavior overall more than their location.



    As most of you know, our server has a discord. Our discord server follows the same network rules provided on the forums, but you can also find a list on the discord itself in the #information_rules channel. Make sure to read them.

    Q: I got banned on discord, what do I do?
    A: You appeal a discord ban the same way you would appeal a server/forums punishment; through the Ban/Mute/Warn Appeals section.

    Q: How do I report on discord?

    A: Discord does not have Its own report system, so it’s impossible to make a report through discord itself, however you can report something on the forums or tag a staff member in discord when an issue arises. Most the time staff will catch it before anyone else does.

    Q: How do I get donator rank on discord?
    A: Like stated above, read this tutorial:

    Note: You can only link one minecraft account to one discord account. What this means is that if you get a different discord, you cannot link the same minecraft account to that discord, and vice versa.

    Remember: Discord has a much more harsh punishment system then the main server and forums, as it doesn’t come with a tempban or warn system. (Yes we understand there are bots that support these commands, but overall they are pretty useless).

    Instead of Vwarn -> Warn -> Mute, it’s Verbal -> Mute. It’s recommended you read thoroughly through the discord rules to avoid any punishments.

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