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    what's your favorite sport(s) and why

    mine is basketball because of the action. when watching or playing, there are barely breaks between plays except timeouts and fouls. but it's not like football where after every play there is a giant break for players to regroup.

    I'd have to say that baseball is my 2nd favorite. this is because I've gone to around 50 brewers games and the energy is amazing. whenever yellich would hit a dinger, Bernie would slide down a slide. I also love baseball because of all the statistics that you can make up.

    I also like football, but I'm not going to go in to that.

    soccer and tennis suck ass
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    Baseball. It's been a part of my life for a long time, the earliest I can re-call taking a liking to it was back in 2009 when I was watching my favorite team in the living room, playing with my baseball cards on the floor. I used to arrange them in a way so they represented an actual baseball diamond, with each player at their position.

    I think it's probably my favorite out of all of them because of the simplicity. It's something you can have on in the background, a calming presence. Basketball, Hockey, Football...there are all these noises, so much stuff happening all at once that you have to have your eyes glued to the T.V to capture it all...with Baseball, I can just relax back in my seat, go on my computer, check my phone and glance up every once in a while, listening to the background of the calming presence of the crowd. Especially when your team or the game you're watching has a good announcer, or announcing team.

    I see it as an art form, too. Baseball is art. Pitchers are like sheriff's on the mound, they are in total control of what happens throughout the game's length. They have the ability to manipulate their weapon, a baseball, in any way they deem fit. They can make it sink, they can even make it rise on certain occasions. It can curve to the left, it can curve to the right. They can paint the corner of the strike zone in a place that's, most of the time, unhittable.

    It's also because of the respect I have for these Major Leaguers. This year being the exception, these men travel practically every three days or so, and play games every single day. Yes, Baseball isn't as demanding as the other sports, but it requires a special kind of skill: Elite reaction time. It's hard to see it for real on T.V, but people who go to games or have gone to games know what I'm talking about. The speed these pitchers throw at is remarkable. The exit velocity of some of these batted balls is incredible, and fielders have practically less than a second, sometimes a mere few milliseconds to react in such a way.
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    Skiing and snowboarding. I started in California when I was 7 years old and ever since then it's been a big part of my life. The speed and adrenaline are like a drug and the whole vibe with parties, friends, snowy towns and everything is crazy.
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    I'd say I have two favourite sports but their ranking is important in this case. My favorite, #1 sport is Rowing (Crew). I was introduced to the sport my senior year of high school and I am still doing it to this day in college. The amount of opportunities I have been offered with every team that I have been on has really brightened my horizons and doing it with your teammates, who was considered to be family, makes the experience so much better. It's an underrated sport and I'm so glad I found it.

    And my second favourite, would have to be alpine skiing. I've started this sport at 4 years of age and I continue to ski every season since then, making that 16 consecutive winter seasons. I was on my high school's ski racing team all 4 years of high school but due to moving a different state for college where there really is no team, I had to stop my racing "career".

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    Rugby league is my favourite sport. Small sport though, but probably one I enjoy playing the most. Very physical, very fun.

    Other sports include football, table tennis and track.
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    First, I do martial arts. I can't do anything with corona rn especially since most of it is contact with other people, but it's still fun.
    Second, I love skiing, too bad where I live in the US we didn't get snow for shit this season, hopefully next season I can go even once lol.
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    Of course Taekwando.
    İ became black belt then i quit
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    Tennis! I say that because I actually played Varsity Tennis in high school for the last few years though I’m not necessarily the best at it. Plenty of my teammates have trained nearly their entire lives and I just love watching them on the courts. It’s especially great when you know those people and can cheer them on. I love playing tennis whether it’s competitive or just for recreational purposes because time goes by really fast when you’re out there. The only downside is that I always have an ATROCIOUS tan (and I’m not over exaggerating, if anybody wants I’ll provide a photo) by the end of summer going into autumn.
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