Smg's IJAH Halloween Party!

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    Wait... you haven't heard about the Halloween party yet? WELL THEN!

    TheRealSmg (Smg) has gladly had me participate in the lovely building of this fantabulous IJAH Halloween party! Many of you guys most likely already know him, so that's GREAT :D!

    Anyways... I haven't posted in a VERY long time, so I just decided to post this thread! It has all of the information to the Halloween party that I've acquired from Smg, DON'T MISS IT!

    Where: In Creative1, at Smg's plot, we'll most likely have you tpa to us so that you will be able to PARTAAYYY!
    When: October 29th (yeah, in 2 days!), at 4 PM Eastern time, if you don't know what time that is for your timezone, there is a thing called google! The party, according to Smg, will be lasting for about an hour to an hour and a half.
    What For: To celebrate Halloween! And also just for the fun of it :D!

    I really hope to see you there! It will be a blast! We'll be having a Plug.Dj and a Teamspeak which you can find here ->

    P.S. - Yes, I was the one to build most/all of the maze. I had little help from builders, but it was mostly me. So if you're wondering who to curse at while your raging, it's "CAAJBE" for yeah!

    I hope to see you all there!
    And beware,
    The Box

    P.P.S - Try your best to wear a Halloween skin!

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    Aren't there already two threads? .-.