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    is this the right place to put this lmfao
    I need more staff on my island annnndddd ill tell you what is on the island :>
    *some of these things may be done at this time & or changed*
    my username is TwentyOnePizzas btw

    Things I Have
    • Pigman spawner
    • HUGE shop building
    • cacti farm
    • villager farm
    • sheep farm
    • lots of space
    Things I need done
    • Wheat Farm
    • Potato Farm :>
    • a second layer of ground
    • and whatever else <3
    Who & what im looking for <333
    I am looking for mature players who are on quite frequently. If you cannot be on very much its still fine. I would like to have ranked players or just have the /fly command. Although, you MUST have a /balance of 100k +. There is NO FEE to join the island I just need people to be able to go afk, help out and be available to work with me :p i have one current co-owner DatPandaMc, my Alt/Friends account. If you want in, please just fill this out. It takes about 1 minute :p

    Age (Not needed):

    Any special perks?:
    What are you most useful for?:

    thats all ok ily guys bye lol