Server Host Being Weird or just Weird lag

Discussion in 'Report Bugs' started by nixisawesome, Dec 26, 2021.

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    Your username: nixisawesome

    In which minigame/server does the bug occur: Literally the entire server

    Detailed description of bug: I keep getting like big lag spikes for no reason. and it's not my internet because I've checked on other servers that also give me bad ping and it plays exactly normal without lag spikes and shit.
    I'm wondering if the host got changed or not or something, I literally can't play any game on J&H without like this lagging bullshit. I just wanna see if anything can get checked with it and see if anything happens after like server restarts or something. I can't upload files because they're too big. but I showed Willy what it looks like. So I don't know :/ I've tested on both my ethernet and my home internet. the only differences are: My Ethernet has bigger lag spikes that last longer but it doesn't occur as often. But my home internet it lags more with like lag spikes but the lag spikes dont last long they just happen more often. And here's the thing. The lag spikes for both my ethernet and my home internet literally don't happen on any other server except for jerryandharry for the past 2-3 days. I need this fixed or I won't be able to do anything. I don't entirely know if it is server-sided but I know some people have had random lag spikes for no reason so if you could check and lmk if there's something. I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks and kind regards and merry christmas I'm not 100% sure but yeah don't change anything yet if it's just me. It might be something else but idk
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    does everyone lag or only some people? if it's only some people then it's not server-sided

    could be an internet routing problem between our host and your ISP/region

    you can download WinMTR and run it to for some time while it's lagging then DM me screenshot (don't post it publicly)