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    Hey guys! After playing for a while and learning quite a bit about this game mode, I thought I’d make a thread with some tips and tricks that have helped me get along, do without further ado, let’s get into it!

    -Creepers are a great way to level up melee early into the game because of the big level jump compared to most early game mobs, and as long as you’re careful about it they can be killed very easily even with a wooden sword.
    What you should try to do is take on one at a time (make sure none sneak up on you if your armor is weak!) attack it with your sword and then back up before they explode so you’re out of their attack range. When the pre-explosion animation stops, go back in for the attack. If you feel like you can be quick about it you can swing twice before backing up to speed up the process. Repeat this until it dies and then bask in the EXP!

    Here’s a video of me doing this:

    -(Thanks to @Kono for sharing this one with me!) Once your woodcutting level is high enough to cut jungle wood and your mining level high enough to get lapis, ditch coal for smelting and use jungle wood instead. While coal can smelt 10 items per piece, jungle wood can smelt 16 items per piece. This means to smelt a stack of something it would only take 4 jungle wood!

    Here’s a video comparing the two if you don’t believe me:

    -Use fish as your primary food source. Contrary to popular belief, fish is one of the most efficient hunger restoring items in this minigame, even basic fish restoring more hunger than steak. Fishing is also a great way to earn easy levels to contribute to your total level if you have enough patience for it. 9/10 times, cooked pufferfish is an instant hunger fill up unless your hunger is at rock bottom, and even then it restores most of it.

    -Redstone is a great way to earn money early on. It is dropped frequently by spiders which can be found early on in and around Tier 2, and sells for 50$ a piece. This is more than iron and half the sell price per diamond.
    -Dark oak wood sells for the same amount as emerald, and it can be unlocked sooner as woodcut levels up faster than mining. Stock up on as much as you can and sell in bulk.
    -Boosters don’t just double EXP, they double the amount of money you get for selling things at the signs as well. Try to sell things while a booster is on whenever possible.
    -(Thanks to @Zackery for telling me this one!) If you have a fire resist potion on while fighting blazes in hell and find yourself stuck in a lava pit that at first seems inescapable, look twice before doing /spawn. You can climb up the lava fall and land on a block to escape (make sure you have enough health to survive taking a bit of fall damage!) If no such lava fall exists in this lava pit, move around until you find a hole you can sink into - some of the pits are connected by tunnels that’ll lead you to one that’s easier to get out of. (Sadly I don’t have a video of this at the moment.)
    -Don’t stop mining a certain mineral tier when you have enough to make tools and armor. Always get more than you need and store the rest in your vault. You never know when someone might come along and kill you, so it’s much less of a headache if you don’t need to start from square one all over again.

    That’s all for now, if I think of any more I might update this thread. I hope this helped someone even a little bit, and feel free to post your own tips and tricks if you have any!
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    I think some tips should be good for newbies.
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    Where are the rest!?