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UB's and Tapu's and Z-Crystals. Thoughts?

  1. They are fine. Tapu's and UB's add a good twist to the battles. Z-Crystals make a lot of things Viav

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  2. Ew get Tapu's and UB's out of here. Overcentralizing meta incoming

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  3. I am just sticking to singles ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    So. For the new VGC format for Sun and Moon Alolan Dex only No megas and UB's and Tapu's are allowed. What do you think about these rules?

    I think The UB's are balanced (people will probably disagree but hear me out), They have very good stat(s) and a very bad stat(s) so they require very good support (redirection, speed control etc.)

    Tapu's are very interesting, we never seen anything with Terrains as only three of the terrains we had at the time didn't really do much and required a turn to set up. but having it set up upon switch in, can cause some terrain wars.

    Are you for UB's and Tapu's or against UB's and Tapus?