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    So before I start, I'd like to say I'm doing it in seperate parts and if you'd like to be a part of the Story, then post below! Also, when the whole story is written, I'll put it in one thread so it is easier to read!
    Want to be a part of it? Post below why and leave your IGN

    Part 1:

    So here I am. Stuck, pinned to the wall in a dark room, with Terror glaring down my spine. Honestly, I just wanted to play a quick game of SG. Let me start from the beginning:

    I was in the Drybone map climbing up the mountain. It was me, and 4 other players left. DWG715, ItsLeandro, Bluejeanstogo and LilaRok. There was something strange going on. Lila and I were traveling together but we had to climb down the mountain. There was something following us..

    RainbowShim: We have to go Lila, NOW JUMP!
    LilaRok: I'm low on health, I don't think I could make it!
    RainbowShim: There is something strange about this map, jump. Now.

    We took a great leap of the cliff, but Lila was right. She didn't make it. Now there was 4 left, and we were teleported to the dark dome for a fight of but we didn't fight. The 4 of us feast our eyes on a horrific sight, Lila was down on the ground, in a cage trapped. We rushed over but she couldn't hear or see us. She pounded on the cage wall and screeched.

    LilaRok: HELP! Something is after me! Shim!
    DWG715: We have to save her! Who saw her last?
    Bluejeanstogo: *Looks at me* Weren't you teaming with her? What happened?!
    RainbowShim: I'm not sure! The last thing we heard before she got eliminated was footsteps. Something felt wrong. We were being watched and she had jumped with me but only I made it.
    ItsLeandro: So she is eliminated? But she's here! How is that possible!
    Bluejeanstogo: I believe, if we die, we'll end up like that. We have to free her.

    We all charged at the cage, attempting to break her free, but it was impossible. Eventually, she got out. She was exhausted and weak and crying. Lila was on her knees, muttering. She couldn't control herself and made her way over to Bluejeanstogo and held her hand. Then, I was knocked out. We all were.

    When we awoke, we were surrounded by creepers.
    Creeper: How niicce of you to drop by. Are you ready for a bit of exsssssssssplosion?
    DWG715: I am a server Mod! Release us at once! Where are we? Tell me now

    A booming voice then filled the room. It was a new voice. We weren't in the SG arena anymore. I had been here before. Nostalgia filled me.

    RainbowShim: That's it! Nostalgia! We're in Nostalgia! The Mob Arena!
    LilaRok: What Mob Arena? (She had once again regained complete conciousness)
    Bluejeanstogo: It was an old mini game, what is going on?
    LilaRok: I'm scared Jessie, what's going on.
    ItsLeandro: I'm not sure, stay calm and together. That's the only way we'll mak-

    [Booming Voice]: BE SILENT AT ONCE. I am the all mighty Giant.
    *the ground rumbled as the Giant walked in*
    Giant: You will listen to what I have to say and you will listen carefully:

    The games are back, the olden ones
    Think back to the days, the golden ones
    When the server was new, and our games they played
    But those reckless owners tried to get rid of us
    They threw us away

    Now we are back, back for revenge
    We will take over, bring the server to it's end..

    So that's basically it for Part 1! Tell me if you want to be a part of the story! Sorry for my crappy writing skills haha
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