My Resignation

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    Hello viewers of this thread. If you are reading this now then it is true that I have resigned. I will not forget the people that supported me though the whole time I have been Staff of the server. This was my decision to make and I have made it final.


    There are issues with my computer, but I will try to work with it and see what I can do so that it can run normally once more. I am actually surprised that Safe Mode still works. But for right now its best not to restart it until it is at the point where it doesn't get stuck in the Automatic Repair Loop.
    This resignation gives me a lot to think about and how I can improve in ways.

    1. The Position
    I felt that the position I was in would never change. As new Staff progressed I stayed at the bottom of the hill. I was trapped in a box and I couldn't escape no matter how hard I tried. No matter what methods I tried to use, I still remained trapped inside the box. The more the new ones progressed the more I began to lose hope of getting out. There were voices telling me that I could break out of the box and head to the next obstacle, but I could not reach the goal. As much as I tried, I still remained confused and below the others.

    2. The Negative Influences
    Ever since I got inside the box, there were voices saying that I would not make it. They said "Snake get demoted already you useless Staff Member", "Snake why are you even a staff member if you can't do it correctly", "Snake you're the worst friend ever I'm removing you", "Snake is the shittiest staff member in the world", and much more. It continued each time I tried to act upon my duty. Some of the voices said they would literally find me and kill me. The voices don't understand that I take offense to these things and that I am a human being as well.

    3. The Mistakes
    During my position, I did make mistakes. At first they were very small ones that I could fix, but as time passed it became more and more crucial. They began to effect people's behaviors towards the team. It also effected where those people ended up.

    4. Real Life
    I want to get my life straightened out. I do have to prepare myself for upcoming events like tests, huge exams, college plans and much more. With the skills I have learned from the team, I can really put them to effort and see where it can get me.

    5. Other Future Plans
    I wanted to also take some time and help around other servers other than this one. I also want to take some time to do the stuff I really want to like working a little bit more with animating, composing with music softwares, working with coding softwares, game developing, and so much more. There are some things I need to clear up on different servers as well. I want to meet new people along this journey. There's also some old friends I want to visit on these servers. I'm also gonna take the chance and become more and more true to myself while still here. Whenever I get the time in Summer, I plan to make a come back as a new start.

    These are the reasons that I truly resigned from my position. It is not anybody's fault it has come to this. I will not forget the people that have supported me throughout this:

    For those that I didn't add, do not take offense to that. You did help me in any way you can. These people have helped me for quite some time.

    So thanks for everything, I will still be on the server and support it in what ways I can.
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    Thanks for everything, Snake. You just made me cry :')
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    People are really off for the way they treated you. I don't want to get into much detail but I do believe you did an amazing job. I could see that in my time as a normal player and now as a staff member. Keep your head up and good luck with everything you want to do.
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    Don't worry about the problems Snake, because you've got the humbling support of the community. I'm going to come clean here and say that sometimes I talked poorly of you, and I'm a scumbag for doing that. It's deeply frustrating when that happens, and the "Snake you're the shittiest friend." part struck a nerve in me. Shows how 2-sided people become, when people decide to change or become staff, and their friends get warned, they get all the blame.

    I believe everyone has had this experience. However, once again, I apologise for some of the things I've said, as you never know what makes others tick. I wish you the best in the future dude, and it's going to be different on the team without you and Elec's presence.

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    Really sad to see you go man, knowing the position you've been in for so long. I've seen what you've said, I've seen people talk shit about you, but the truth is they didn't even know half of what you were trying to do. Helper since July. Helper for 9 months. There has been a constant number of staff members who have resigned and been promoted during that time-span, but freaking somehow you were left there. As I stated on your profile, you should've been mod months ago. In the fall, around the time I got mod would be ideal actually. But, left there. It's a shame.

    You've done a lot for the team, and don't forget that. Ignore the haters fam, they don't know half of what staff members got to do with constant reports and constantly having to watch chat even in the craziest of times. That's why mistakes are bound to happen.

    Just know you've done great and you have been greatly misused because you had so much potential to become a great Moderator. You made mistakes, maybe often but so what? You've come a long way and learned how to be a smart staff member from those mistakes; you learned from them which is amazing.

    Such a shame you had to deal with other staff members coming in and getting Mod in a month or two, then having to be judged (from staff and regular players) because of your long journey of being a Helper. Nevertheless, I'm going to miss you man. Salutations, and I wish you the best of luck in life.

    I also remember the thing you made me back in June/July:
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    Oh Snake, I never knew you felt this way. I never thought you were a bad staff member, I thought you were a pretty nice addition to the team when you got accepted. To see you go so suddenly is shocking, and to see how players treated you makes me feel worse.

    Your presence always made things better, at least I think so personally, so I can't believe your gone all of a sudden.
    I think everyone can agree that you were not a "bad friend" or a "useless staff member". I will always remember you as a staff member to remember, and I will always look back to the day you helped me out.

    Thanks for your service in the community, we will miss you.
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    Y'all are making my cry :')
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    Thanks for the memoriam, Snake. It was great working with you and I will always remember being there for each other. Perhaps I'll see you as staff once more, and I'll call for help :^)

    You're amazing, love you dude
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    it's been a long run snake, best of wishes :)
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    I came on to kitpvp as normal to see if anyone I knew was on to find Snakehammer's name in green instead of blue and was confused.
    I immediately took to the forums to find this thread and was shocked to see that you had resigned.
    I also then saw Electric had resigned and now I am completely shocked.
    Snake, you were one of the first members of staff I heard of that came and helped me with an issue back a few years ago.
    And Demon was also helpful in answering questions whenever I didn't know about something.
    You both did a great job in my eyes and o7 to you both for the future.
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    Thanks for everything! I will miss you. ;c
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    When I got re-promoted to helper during August, I saw you say somethings in one of the chats on skype that led me to message you. I saw you were sad about not getting moderator, but I didn't know the extent of the issue. You said people were treating you terribly on the server, and I tried to give advice before knowing how bad it was. People had no right to abuse you like they did. You were a volunteer staff member on a Minecraft server, and of course mistakes were going to happen. That's just part of any learning experience, but unfortunately people on this server are younger and don't think through their actions (nor do they care). There were people that took their problems through the right avenues, but their threads were not responded to or solved in the end. That's the fault of administration because people felt like their reports were being ignored, and they took their anger out on you. It's also other staff's fault, including mine, for not working harder at helping you. I'm very sorry Snake. You deserved moderator towards the end, and it's a shame that didn't happen. I hope you come back Snake, but do put IRL before this.
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    I will miss you o7
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    Thank you for everything,

    Hopefully you will return soon.
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    Little late but you were an amazing staff member and it really IS heartbreaking to see you resign like this, all I have to say is keep believing and good things come to those who wait. There is no one else like you so keep being you! You'll be missed by the staff team but it is still good to see you online, happier (:
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    Another staff gone.. :(

    *Jumps off a cliff to risk for snake*
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    Good luck.
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    hey man, i feel you

    Although i didn't resign for all the reasons you stated, i can say that i feel the same way, entering the staff team as a helper and ending as a helper.

    You were a great friend and a great animator too. Trust me, all the people dissing you and insulting you don't know what position you're in.

    The only direction you can move is forward.
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    Gosh this really caught me off guard. I knew it was coming but definitely didn't expect it this soon. Honestly, I'm really proud that you made it that far, despite being a helper the entire time. Many staff came and went but you stayed for such a long time, it was incredible. I may never understand how difficult it was for you to stay in that same position for months. The harassment and bullying truly hurts my heart to think about. You're an amazing friend, no matter what anyone tells you.

    (Sorry I'm late, I was kind of travelling)
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    sad to see u go :(
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