My opinion on season 3 and 4 (discussion)

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    So I heard the server was possibly looking at skyblock again, so I am here to open this can of worms. Here I present my personal opinions on (almost) all the features from season 3 and 4, and hopefully give some feedback to bring to a possible season 5. Again, this is my personal opinion, so feel free to disagree and give your own opinion in the comments. This is an open invitation for discussion, but any comments like 'skyblock shit' without any other helpful comments are just not necessary. If I missed anything, feel free to add. (This thread might be a bit of a mess in structure, but that's mostly cus I wrote a concept of it a while ago).

    To add a little bit of my background: I've played season 1 a lot, season 2 barely (forgot most of it), season 3 in the beginning until the economy was broken and season 4 in the beginning but then got busy with real life stuff. I'm mostly a player that likes to build farms and sometimes make small builds, and am not a pvp'er.

    Items I'm currently missing from shop:
    • Sheep, cow and chicken spawn eggs: The basic mobs which should be accessable for everybody for basic resources (wool, feathers, leather and food)
    • Buyable blaze rods: blaze rods are very rare now, with the spawner behind a paywall and luck from crate. Blaze rods are important to make a brewing stand (to make potions to heal a zombie villager, and before you say just get a villager, those are behind paywalls too)
    • Wheat (sell): wheat is a product from early game farms, which you can only make bread with now, but it would be nice to also have the option to sell it
    • Name tags: Could be obtained through fishing yes, but they are very rare and they are necessary to keep mobs from despawning (which would be nice with the rarity of spawn eggs)
    Commands I wish were back from season 3:
    • /Shop: probably a personal thing, but I like /shop, for example if you are working on a project and just need a few more blocks. I find it annoying to navigate the spawn shop as it is currently. Yes, I have huge nostalgia with the season 1 shop, but I just find it cramped and annoying now.
    • /playershop: again, probably a personal thing. I prefer going to other player's islands and navigating self made shops there, but in reality the player base is too small to find shops, and the language barrier (english-turkish) doesn't make it easy to find items from chat.
    • /auction: I liked auction cus you could sometimes find some rare items on there. And it is just another way to offer items you don't particularly need, but others doo
    • /is settings: it was suuuuper nice to tweak certain stuff on your island, like creeper explosions, fire spread, time of day, etc.
    • /biome: Ideal for making certain farms (gold farm with nether biomes in particular) or make no mobs spawn (mushroom biome) so you didn't have to worry about light levels. Also bring back changing the biome chunks. I understand if you want to keep it behind a paywall, cus it's kinda a luxury and money must come from somewhere, but I still miss it.
    Features I wish would return from season 3
    • Mob catching with special eggs: It was handy for moving mobs or trading mobs with others. Especially if you had rare mobs, you could breed them and trade them with others
    • 1.16/1.17/1.18 (blocks/items/mechanics/etc): I have no clue what is possible in terms of plugins/commands and updates, but using the new 1.16 blocks in season 3 was a lot of fun for me. Maybe now that 1.17/1.18 are out, maybe an update to there is possible, so we can use even more blocks (deepslate, moss, glowberries and lichen, copper, etc.)
    • Nether: having a huge extra area you could build in was great. It almost felt like a second island, with other mobs spawning so other farm possibilities.
    • Right click on lava with bucket to get lava back: a lot of starting players struggle with making a cobble gen (including me sometimes....). Having this option saves you from having to reset your island or asking others for lava
    • Shulker box mechanics: I liked using the shulkerboxes and right clicking to acces them immediately.
    • Vaults: A way to store precious items or items you need in certain situations. I know /echest exists, but I liked vaults cus you had a bit more room to store stuff.
    • Sell wands/harvester hoes: A great way for f2p players to use a sort of version of /sell. I personally didn't really use the harvester hoes, but I understand why they could be handy.
    What I like about season 4:
    • Grinding to get money: Again, something very personal, but I like to grind. After playing for a while on season 4, I still had a cobble platform with a few farms, but that's what I like about skyblock and that is what it should be about. You slowly but surely grow your island and farms and slowly make more money to afford the pricy stuff in the shop.
    • Prices in shop: As mentioned above, I like to grind for stuff, which include higher prices in the shop.
    • /is permissions , /is panel: Nice for people who have multiple members on their island or want to set up a trading hall for people outside your island.
    Things I don't (necessarily) need back from season 3:
    • Pvp arena: Not really big on pvp myself, and rarely see it used (apart from crates, but people get those and leave immediately)
    • Mob arena: same as pvp, rarely see it used. I have never properly finished a room, so no idea what the rewards are either. Maybe this could be replaced by events? So more players will join
    • Drop parties: I liked the drop parties in the beginning, but after a while you already had all the possible loot there was to gain from it. Maybe with switching loot it could be more interesting, but I wouldn't miss it if it was left out next season.
    Stuff I'm not sure about
    • Crates: So... crates. Personally, I want most items to be accessable to everyone, including non-ranks, but crates prevented that. On the other hand, they were nicer than the daily pile of diamond blocks you would get in a kit. They made items super rare which I liked, like the elytra and iron/blaze spawners, but this also came with the fact that non-ranked players almost had no chance of getting those. Now in season 4 I don't think they are fair. I haven't bought any crate keys, but it seems unfair to have to buy a crate key if you want a blaze spawner, only to have a 1/11 chance to get one, while most other spawners are useless (what you gonna do with a cave spider spawner).
    • Supply drops: bit the same as pvp arena, it is a nice addition, but I won't miss it if it was left out.
    • Chunk hoppers/collector beacon: I cannot compare chunk hoppers and collector beacons, since I haven't used chunk hoppers yet. I did like the collector beacon, cus you didn't have to place a ton of hoppers down, but it obviously broke the economy with the pumpkins.
    • Meteor drops: haven't bought it, so no clue if it is worth it and how it works.
    • Special islands: What I liked about special islands is that there were rare blocks and mobs which players could sell to others without a special island. But some blocks/mobs were not farmable and only available once per purchase, so rarely available to those without a special island. This kinda put certain blocks and mobs behind a paywall. You could get certain special islands from crates yes, but most islands were still only available in the store. Also, getting a special island from a crate wasn't really useful if you already settled on your main island. I know the focus of season 3 was to reset your island more often so you could use those, but some people make huge islands with huge farms or builds, which you aren't just going to reset (yes, I know alts exists, but not everyone has an alt).
    • /is missions: it was a nice way to earn keys, money or islands, but some goals were just too much. I also found it didn't always work properly, so I was discouraged from pursuing them.
    • Spawn: I mentioned earlier that I have huge nostalgia for the season 1 spawn, but the shop just doesn't work with all the added blocks. I also liked the season 3 spawn. So I don't really care which spawn will get used in the future.
    • Spawners: I hear a lot of different opinions about spawners. I liked it like it was in season 1, where only a few mobs were available from spawners. But some like to make farms with the other spawners, like iron farms. I think the way of gaining spawners needs to be thought of too. Right now, it's kinda rng and behind a paywall, which just sucks. I would rather buy a spawner directly from the store and know for certainty I get that spawner.
    Lastly, I also want to underline for the people that voted for season 1 in that forum thread a while ago: season 1 was fun cus the server was active with players. That fun of interacting and playing with others will probably not return anytime soon, so just accept it. Make your own fun, and if you don't enjoy it, go have fun somewhere else. Lets now just focus on making a better season and look forward instead of back.
    If you made it this far, thanks for reading, go stretch and grab some water. Feedback (with actual imput) is appreciated.

    Welcome to another thread by Pug who should actually be doing schoolwork but somehow got sucked back into this skyblock server
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    I had FUN with the 1.16 Villagers. Made a Mason Village was getting many blocks not sold in /shop.
    The chunk hopper being in spawn shop is nice. I have helped many players build newer cactus farms.
    My idea is they have forever money and can spend time building/ creating art.

    Now if there was a way to change to 1.16 or higher but without losing our islands I would say YES.
    How about two spawn shops with look of old and a 2nd with newer blocks.
    I myself liked the big outdoor shop it had room for more items.
    Here's a though have old as /warp shop1 and the other as /warp shop2 or what ever players like name wise.

    One last though what would it take for us to buy real $$ to move island to new server.
    Some what like a rank island or the buy able islands last time. It would be just our island we buy.

    If the "special islands" come back make it a deed so it can be given/traded/sold.
    I had so many I couldn't use as not losing my work. I did have access to an alt and did give away a few.

    copied this from my other post
    I have seem many rank players (a few 100) pop in say "Server is dead"
    Wouldn't it be FUN if the chat could reply " Maybe Not if you PLAYED ! ! ! "
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    I agree. I also liked how we had eggs where we could capture mobs to sell mobs from the special islands to other players.
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    I don't have a whole lot of time or energy lately so I'll be as blunt as possible:
    With the lack of success of this season, I don't see a point in resetting skyblock UNLESS it upgrades versions to 1.18 and addresses the issues presented from season 3.

    The money issue on season 3 was caused by 2 issues:
    My oversight on pumpkin farms (the intent was slowburn econ and pumpkins ruined that)
    Duping (caused partially by hacks and partially by shulkerboxes).

    I fully agree the pvp arena and mob arena do not see use and can be removed.
    I agree the prizes from drop party were fun... for a while, and then not. I do not think removal is the solution, nor do I think prizes need to change over time. I think we simply change the prizes that are given to money with the chances of crate keys so that you're either obtaining money or obtaining things that normally are behind a paywall.

    I agree there was some confusion about some of the missions and how they worked, part of the confusion was the fact that some missions were hidden which lead people to be unaware of what they could gain and the point of the mission.

    Yeah, special islands should be tradable, I agree with that thought.
    I also really like quazee's idea of being able to import your island from the current season - baring in mind reasonable exclusions (No game breaking carry-over, just basic blocks).

    It'd be cool to be able to have multiple islands and not need alts (with limits of course) but I don't know the extent of what that would take to make happen. And as I mentioned, I don't have a whole lot of time or energy to investigate it. But I think I'm personally willing to invest in skyblock one more time, and see where it takes us. I think there's no denying that Season 3 was pretty successful, even with the game breaking bugs that came out later. So I think it's worth trying again.
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    Yeah this thread is more a 'yo here are my opinions I had, which I had a while ago but didn't post at the time cus the subject was chaos' than a 'we need a reset now'.