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    Great. Now that I’ve got you all to look at this thread, I want to inform you all about the Black Lives Matter movement and ways you can help. First and foremost, if you posted a black square on Instagram without doing anything prior or after to posting it, you’re not helping and you’re doing something called performative activism for brownie points. Secondly, what are the ways you can help? Well you can sign every petition that you come across in order to bring justice to all of the black lives that were lost or are wrongly imprisoned because of police brutality/racism/abuse of power and authority. It only takes like 15 seconds to sign a petition. Don’t be lazy just because you think signing a petition won’t do anything because you’re wrong, it will help even if you don’t think so. Another way you can help is by donating, whether it be you or your parents, any donation amount helps if you donate to organizations and charities for BLM. Now,“What if I don’t have any money to donate/my parents can’t donate?,” I hear you ask. That’s not a problem. You can donate even if you don’t have any money! There are posts on Instagram in which if you repost, the person running the account will make a donation to an organization or charity and there are videos on YouTube by creators that are dedicated to give all the proceeds from the ad revenue to support BLM. The final thing(s) I can think of besides peaceful protesting are to share links, donation websites, posts, and petitions regarding currents events so your peers and family can also educate themselves more about what’s going on right now. It breaks my heart knowing that George Floyd was murdered over an assumption of forgery just because he was a black man. If it were any other race in that grocery store, they would not have been suspected but because he was a black man, he was suspected and was brutally murdered by 4 cops in broad daylight. No remorse whatsoever. Below I have linked a website where there’s a whole list of petitions you can sign, where you can donate (if you have or don’t have money), and information to educate yourself on the matters going on.
    I know this is a lot and idk if anyone will see this but I’ve said this on both Snapchat and on my Instagram, and even though I don’t get on here as often anymore, I’m going to say it here too.
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    Great thread! After reading this I considered to donate more. I will start donating more and sign these and all the other petitions I see. I always wanted racism to end. I hate racism. It could be the worst thing I know. If you have the possibility I recommend everyone that reads this that they should help people in need by donating more money or sign petitions. If you do not have the possibility you should repost things on social media to spread it so people can donate. Have a nice day everyone. Don't forget to do what I said to make the world a better place.
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    The only clickbait that is allowed right now.
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    This shit pissed me off, but at the same time, it's still useful for really shoving the message in people's faces. My feed was black, so it works, to an extent. Humans tend to forget really quickly, so while people may mean it, they also tend to forget about it unfortunately.

    Also, I do support you doing this, with the links and such. I think it's great to donate, except the only real flaw I see in it is that the money goes into resource and lobbying and such, but in a system designed to fail the people, is this money really going anywhere? The charities/organisations/people that receive this money will most likely have the right intentions and definitely are trying to make change, but in the end, only the government can do anything about this, and the levels of corruption within the police system is most likely off the charts as well. The money still goes in the economy and guess who receives tax for resources and such? There is only one winner, and it's not us.

    Just on the point of peaceful protesting, it doesn't work when the government is deaf on both ears. I'm coming from an outside perspective, but it seems as if America has lost the plot and the only way to make real change happen is what's happening currently - chaos.

    It's a shame that as much as you can educate people, it doesn't mean they will utilise this knowledge correctly. People are quick to forget, and not everyone is going to want to go out of their comfort zone to bring real change. That being said, I do encourage everyone to follow that link and read up on resources so you can educate yourself and others. Forming good judgements with knowledge is powerful; it's a shame many people don't try think outside the box.
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    i just wanted to say that ( felt it needed to be said here as this will get a lot of views and for every good reason ) there is an insta account called ‘maskhate’ and they are saying they will donated to BLM organisation but they do not exist on the web when searched and aren’t providing proof of being a non-profit organisation. some of your friends may have tagged them in their stories and please please let them know that they are entirely fake - they have no intention of donating to the BLM organisations and it makes me sick to think that they would fake it just to get clout.

    sorry that i put this here but i don’t want people falling for the trap and disrespecting the lives lost and the BLM movement because it’s needed now more than ever and i’m so thankful you made this thread and your points!!!!
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    thank you for this oml.
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