Isolation Tips?

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    Yo everyone,

    The positive side of things at the moment is that slowly but surely it looks like the pandemic is coming to an end, normality is creeping back in and slowly everybody is being vaccinated and fully dozed up.

    However, cases are currently rising and as a result at the weekend whilst camping 2 of my friends ended up testing positive, leaving me to isolate for the next 10 days as a result (even tho I tested negative).

    anyone who’s been through the same experience, I’m 4 days into isolation at the moment, and it’s been boring as hell, anybody here got tips on how to pass the time and keep yourself busy?
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    You should go play hypixel :D
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    Think of a longterm goal you have and make hella progress in those 10 days working toward it. Will keep you feeling good and refreshed and is obviously rlly helpful in achieving your goal
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    I had a positive test and stayed inside for 3 1/2 weeks... I just watched Youtube and gamed for most of it.
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    I am an extreme introvert so I do isolation on a regular basis. Make sure you have enough drinks (especially energy drinks), snacks, food in general. I usually game, read or just lay around watching tiktok.
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    I haven't had to quarantine, but over the past year and a half almost (since middle of March 2020) I've been isolated from others most of the week, aside from weekends, which is when I usually work. What I've done with all this time to myself I've had is I tried to get into new, different things. Especially this year, recent months I got into reading a bit. I read a few autobiographies and some Star Wars novels. The beginning of the pandemic, I got into fanfiction and was able to spend many months writing my own story and reading those of others in a fandom I adored. Music helped me cope as well, Elton John and Coldplay being my two crutches.

    I also suggest jigsaw puzzles. I haven't done one since the summer months of last year but with fanfiction, I did a LOT of online jigsaw puzzles to help pass the time. This is the website I used: - the cool thing is that you can choose the size and whether or not you want to do one from a predetermined image. The site also allows you to upload your own image from your gallery. You can download and then upload any image to use as a custom puzzle
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    Watch Netflix, workout, play games, self-care activities, cook, clean, give yourself stick and pokes/new piercings for a nice change, read a book, all some things to pass time that worked for me when I had to quarantine!

    (And spend hours on Tik Tok everyday...)
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    I quarantined myself a couple months back because my mom tested positive for COVID. While it ended up being a false warning, to play it safe, we all decided to isolate. My brother and I ended up staying in my guest house wherein our only interactions with anybody else was either through call, or the occasional maids who would come over and do the household chores or bring us food.

    Experience itself was rather enjoyable for me because I felt like I was in a new environment and living different kind of life. What kept me sane was mainly keeping myself occupied. I did this by talking to friends, watching shows, playing games from time to time and picking up a hobby (buy and sell/trade). Time went by relatively quickly for me so as long as you enjoy, it'll probs be the same for you. Basically use this time to do what you enjoy most and relax cause it's not everyday wherein you get a break from the world and its madness.
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