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    Hello, dead Admin here attempting to catch up with you guys while I still can.

    As the title says, how are you doing?

    I made the same thread a year and a couple of months ago, which can be found here. You can either talk about the past couple of years or the changes your life has undergone in the past year+ if you've posted in my old thread. In my case, I'll give a short update on my life in relation to my previous post.

    Unlike some other countries, where I'm from, we are still required to wear masks in public spaces. I honestly believe that this has allowed my country to be more effective in fighting COVID-19, although there has been a recent spike in cases as we reach 4 digits a day again. I've actually also been able to go out ever since 2022, which has been a real reliever for me as I was able to see friends IRL after 2+ years. I also have gone out with my girlfriend a lot ever since.

    I am currently in my 4th year of college, which will be my last year. I decided to take up a specialization to add to my current course so that when I graduate, I will count as a double-degree major graduate so that's pretty cool. At this rate, assuming I choose not to slack off again, I'll probably graduate with Latin honors.

    Although not too much has been going on in my life, contrary to what I said last year, I am actually pretty content with how my life's been going recently.

    Anyway, that's enough about me. I'll try and be as engaging as I can in the comments section and keep the replies as public and as open as possible, so we can try and keep a continuous conversation running.

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    glad to hear you're doing well, nether :)

    life for me has been pretty normal, about the same as it was last yr. My summer vacation lasts a few more weeks before my college semester starts at the end of august. I'm also still working on the weekends, which is nice. I actually did just recently read a ~650 page novel in the span of a week and a half which was a first for me lol
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    My life honestly since I left back in 2018 has been a literal rollercoaster ride both good and bad.

    First things, Back in 2018 not only did I have major facial reconstruction surgery, My mother unfortunately passed away from Breast cancer, and it was an extremely devastating loss that still impacts me today, Not a day goes by that I think of her. Having to see her slowly die over a course of 3 years back in 2016 was really difficult to witness. the next year 2019 was an okay year at best, mentally and emotionally recovering from the trauma I've experienced. I had to carry on, even with what happened, I kept going to college and studying hard to graduate and make my mother proud, I gained and lost some friends during that time that weren't doing my mental health any favors, but it wasn't until 2020 when shit really hit the fan.

    2020 started off with me going into the hospital twice for Acute Appendicitis. The first time on new years was probably the worst experience I ever had in my life, but by the 2nd time I was already prepared for it. Then not long after that Covid hit and also really took a damper on my health, I was glad I could stay home and get the rest that I needed from that, but seeing all that was going on in the world really shook me to my core. But it wasn't all bad, 2020 was also a year of great change for me as a person, I grew closer to my friends and delved into all kinds of new experiences online with video games since I had more time on my hands. 2020 was also the year that gave me a lot more spiritual growth too, (Me and my family are raised Christian) and really strengthened my faith.

    2021 was the year I graduated from Community college, and that was a BIG day for me as I have achieved what I promised my mother I would do. However I wanted to try and go back to the same community college to try and learn to become a science teacher for kids, but this year in 2022 I stopped as it ended up being too much work for me, not because I gave up but if I kept going to get my teaching credentials, it would've taken me several more years, and I want to try and be done with college by the age of 30. But in 2023 I'm finally going to be heading to the university I originally set out to attend.

    As of now, Life is alright. I really couldn't ask for anything more, I've been through literal hell and as traumatizing and horrific it had been, I still came out a changed man. I can't thank my family and my closest friends enough for it.
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    life is pretty hectic right now,
    going into my freshman year of college & i start my preseason for volleyball soon so i move in very early unfortunately. i’m nervous but i’m excited as there’s so many new beginnings & i just have to remind myself that. i think im overly eager to get my career started as i want to double major, which i know isn’t always the smartest idea - i don’t even think it’s necessary in my case. im majoring in biology, but im on the border of either wanting to go to school to be a physician’s assistant or full send it & do med school, i’m just doubting my work ethic for med school. it just sucks that i’m going to be in so much debt at one point, but that’s the least of my concern right now as i need to focus on getting things together to move in soon. it’s definitely gonna be an easier transition being on my schools volleyball team going into the fall semester.
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    Let's see. I got my BS just as COVID started so cue existential crisis and overwhelming loathing for myself and everyone around me. Over that summer I realized I still did not know what I wanted to do with my life so I went back for my Masters while COVID wrecked havoc. Luckily I barely saw anyone making a fuss about wearing a mask in Hawaii so I haven't gotten it ever.

    I'm getting my MS in Electrical Engineering next semester and getting out of school forever. Really trying my hardest to figure out how to make life more meaningful and fun and hoping I can stick to as much of a low profile job here.

    and I did get a new computer to replace the potato I made this on

    Ok back to bed.
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