How to get Donator rank on the forums

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    How to get the Donator rank on the forums
    Have a rank on our server? You can now get a rank on the forums as well!

    Getting the forum rank is extremely simple! Just follow these steps:
    1. Go to the lobby on our server by typing the command: /lobby
    2. Once you are in the lobby, type the command: /linkforum
    3. Open the link that shows up in chat.
    4. Done! You should now have the forum rank!

    Please note that only one forum account can be linked to each Minecraft account.

    If you do not have a server rank yet, you can buy one from our store!

    Cool Donator banner under your forum username!

    Ability to change your forum username every 30 days!

    Access to the Donator Lounge sub-forum!

    Set a profile cover on your profile page!
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Thread Status:
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