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    This is my first post regarding Farm King. I'd like to point out that this game is overly addicting and it is extremely fun in general. Yes, it takes time, but one of my favorite parts about Minecraft minigames is that of those that take a lot of grinding to do in order to complete it. Probably why I don't like most OP minigames on Minecraft because even as nice as people are to give you free stuff, it still defeats the purpose of the game. I assume you get the drift. Now, back to Farm King. Farm King is honestly one of my favorite minigames on the server itself and I honestly like the idea of an idle type game like that. There's not many games out there that actually are clicker games. Sure, there's Clicker Heroes and Tap Titans and stuff, but this game is a clicker game that has been added into my favorite game of all time. I honestly love the work put into the game itself and the only problem I have with it is the graphics (It's about what you'd expect from a sandbox game). Everything else is honestly perfect and it's a struggle to get to the top of the leaderboard on Farm King. It's also a hassle to get the achievements put into it, but that is perfectly fine! If there were to be a sequel to Farm King or just added components like more plants, more upgrades and features, or maybe more achievements, then that'd make it a much better game than it already is!
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