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    Hey guys,

    It’s iRescue, aka KingSlays, aka Barack,
    Just logging on for the first time in a few years and was wondering if any of the OG’s from years ago still played on this server?
    It’s crazy how times flies honestly, some of us started colleges, moved out, bought cars, have kids, and even got married. It feels like just yesterday I was on a laptop on my bookshelf playing Minecraft and raging because I died and lost all my P4 diamond armor and all god apples.
    This website brings back so much nostalgia to me and I’m sure to so many other people.
    My family and I moved into a new house and I have a whole gaming room now to myself with a sick setup (not a laptop on a bookshelf anymore lol) and I’d love to play some factions with some of the OG’s again!
    Some updates about me—
    •I’m actually in my 3rd year of predental classes and I am hopefully going to get into a good dental school and I want to specialize into orthodontics!
    • I am 20 years old now, I started playing on the server at age 14.
    • I still live in Kentucky but plan onto moving to South Carolina in about 2 years.
    • I finally built my dream setup after 5 years and I barley game anymore (depressing Ik, I wish I had my setup 5 years ago)
    • I recently got cheated on by my now ex gf lol

    That’s about it for me! Idk if any of the OG’s are going to see this but I do miss you guys and I really want to reconnect with y’all! Comment down below

    - Barack
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    Yea there are still tons of ogs, i myself started playing late 2012-early 2013 on oitc and that’s pretty much all I’ve been playing since, my ign was trevor9200
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