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    Look, I try to avoid these types of threads, as they usually make me feel like crap after making it. It's ironic because this thread is meant to have a good purpose.

    It's an end of an era. For me at-least.
    I should've realized it was coming, as things aren't the same these days.

    I started out on IJAH in creative2. I then shifted over to the creative1 community, becoming the person I am today. Eventually I shifted into the forum, becoming part of the IJAH whole community, and now I'm here.

    While on Creative1, I met some of the best people I'll probably ever meet...ever.
    I met my best friends.
    True friends, some that wouldn't make fun of you, or joke about things to just irk you.
    The Creative1 squad, I like to call ourselves...what we once were.

    Like I said, I am so grateful I met these peeps. I went through so much with them, it's not even funny. I met some new peeps, and saw old friends go. It was fun at times, but sad at others.

    This thread is a thank you to the people that I have met during my time on IJAH. (yo, I ain't leaving btw ;))

    I know you're banned, and I know that we started growing apart in the last months. You were honestly my second true friend on here, next to Sheriff. I'll honestly never forget the times we had roleplaying, trolling, and just being kids.

    You don't got a forums account, so I doubt you'll see this. Dude, I've missed you so much. Just like Kid, we've been growing apart so much. I want to see you on Creative1 sometime soon...because you were there from the start, man. We were there from the start. I still remember trailboy7, and talking to you as a non rank. Back then, you were my hero on the server. I love ya man.

    I started talking to you a bit after I met kid and sheriff. Still, you're an awesome dude. For real. One of the only peeps I know on here who like sports, especially baseball. For real, again, I'm surprised to say it, but you have a way better baseball knowledge than I do. Fact. Dude, whenever you join I know we're going to have fun. I am so grateful I met you.

    Dude, hearing that you're going to be active again, my heart literally skipped a beat. For real, I was so excited, and still am. I know we may have different timezones, but I still want to try my best to hang with you. You, alongside Kid and sheriff, you've been an amazing friend. I still cherish the Jin and Ross story we made, building the alter house, and roleplaying in chat. I even cherish the times where we went out of our way to troll roleplays, even though my thoughts have changed about that whole topic. I am so thankful I decided to talk to you that one day in chat, and start our great friendship.

    Literally, before Luci got staff at Club Alter, I didn't really know you guys. All I knew was you were part Of Jas' squad, and that literally scared me at first because of how Jas used to harass me as a non-rank. But, I was wrong. You're an amazing person, for real. I never thought that hiring you as staff for club alter would end up in a great friendship. And, I always got your back. We've only talked like once in the past weeks, which I don't want to keep up. Just like some of the peeps on here, we've been growing apart, from my point of view. I'm still grateful for meeting you and Luci.

    Dude, how things have changed. For real. When I met you, I never thought of meeting someone like yourself. You're a great person, besides some of the drama we went through (which I have to admit, I kinda started it). But, for real. I'll never forget the times we had together, especially with Club Alter and The Alter House. I know you got new friends at KitPvp, Kohi, Badlion, MCSG or whereevr you pvp these days, but I want you to know that I still cherish our friendship. You're a great person, don't forget that.

    I met you way later than I met most of the peeps on this list. I don't remember what I thought of you back then, but I'm almost 100% sure that it wasn't that good. But, you really proved me wrong, for real. You're smart as crap. You have so much knowledge about this game, it's not even funny. You're great at parkour, pvp, building, and so much better than me in all of those categories. Dude, when you make your little remarks, I sometimes take it seriously, which is on me. Other than that, I am so thankful for meeting you. Please, don't leave this place.

    Seed and Angie
    I couldn't forget these guys.
    These two people don't have forums, or they don't use the forum anymore. But, I still got to mention them, as they have made a big impact on my Creative1 career.
    The main reason I got skype in the first place was because Angie invited me into a group call. I was ectastic, as I talked to the first people on the internet, as I literally just got skype. I had SO MUCH FUN. When Seed joined, I literally freaked out. He was my idol back then, lol. I remember you guys teaching me the basics of mf, and we skyping so much after that, and staying up late and doing crazy stuff. I had so much fun. You guys...I miss you guys so much.

    I learned about you when I was talking to Kid one day. He told me that you were his friend, and that you were cool. I don't remember talking to you for the first time, but I'm pretty sure it was probably awkward. As time went by, I realized that I had a great friend. I even remember when you would spam in chat 'I love you', and I would feel creeped out as crap, but it was great. When you and kid starting dating, I didn't like it. I thought it would get in the way of our whole friend group with many..other people. That's why I started all that roleplay drama stuff, and tried to get you guys to split apart. Honestly, I'm so glad I met you.

    Dude, dude. When I joined, you were "the most popular person on creative1". For real. For real. I remember getting the plot that I have today, trying to build a headshop, and seeing you in chat. Dude, you WERE MY IDOL. I wanted to be just like you!, and I got my wish, definitely. We've been drifting apart the last couple months as you've entered into the 'dank memes', and such and such. I still remember seeing you in chat, how chill you were, and I wanted to be as popular as you were. Great times.

    I met you through sheriff, and I wasn't disappointed. I don't got much to say, but I'm so thankful I met you.

    Just like Tomy, I looked up to you as a non rank. I freaking remember creeping you out when I first build Jorge's show stage, and tried to put on an act. It was hilarious, and great! Dude, dude. You were my idol, one of my idols, and I don't regret looking up to you. I'm so glad I met you along with all the others.

    The reason I made this thread is because I have been putting the thoughts off for so long. It's an end of an era for our Creative1 squad. I've changed, so many others have left, so many new people have joined, and so many people have moved to other IJAH servers. I just want to recognize the awesome times we had, as friends. I'm still friends with many people on this list, but others have either left the server/etc.

    Guys, I am so thankful for you all. If I didn't include you, that means that you weren't in my life back in the good days of Creative1 (imo), and I met you later. That doesn't mean that I don't value you as much as I value these people.

    As to the end of an era...
    (Ignore the 21-0 sign lol)
    See y'all later folks ;)
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    So glad that I applied for staff at Club Alter and honestly I miss how close we used to be, we should definitely start talking again more because I honestly love hearing about wrestling and baseball (even if I don't understand either one of the sports)
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    Thanks Smg. I know I got banned, and I'm doing fine with this set back, but thanks bro. I'm glad we met, and we shared a lot of fun times together, and trust me I'll never forget those monuments with you, and my greatest friends.

    I couldn't ask for better friends. I know I'm not coming back for a long time, but our friendship will last forever, and same goes with all my friends. I never knew I would grow so much with the community, and just it see it thrown away, but I did what I did, and I can't fix that, but I have amazing friends that stick by me till the end, and I couldn't ask for any better than that. You truly helped me in a lot of problems I couldn't handle alone. "If you want something really bad you have to wanted even more than the other guy." That quote really speaks to me.

    Smg, keep doing what you're doing, and you're going to make it big, I know that for a fact. I honesty couldn't ask for better friends, and I know I keep saying this, but it's true. You, and so many other people have helped me so much, and only true friends do that. Thanks Smg for everything that you've done to help me, and everyone else. :)
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    I'm really glad I got the chance to meet you. You're one of my oldest friends from c1. Like you said, it's nice having someone else on the server that takes an interest in sports. I hope we have more fun times in the future.

    If you're impressed by my baseball knowledge, you wouldn't believe my baseball knowledge lmao
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    We've had some nice times here. As you said, I haven't been here that long, but I think I will for a good amount of time. Eventually, when you do leave, we will all remember the times we all had with you.
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    Smg, we had the best times I could ever have. All the moments we had. I remember the time we first met and our Ross and Jin show/idk we did at that one rp. I'm grateful to have a friend like you smg. Stay Rossome :)
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    Smg. I know this is, well, a very late response, but I just wanted you to know that I care about you. I'd do anything for you. You're like the brother I'd never had. I'd love to see our relationship grow even closer in the future. I'll never forget our relationship in the past. You had a big impact on my life and I will NEVER forget it. You are truly what makes this community shine and prosper. You are a great people person and that's what makes you the helper you are today. I truly want to be like you. You are my hero. :)
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