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  1. t3mptr3s
    Fun? He's not fun at all. He's annoying af. XD
    Jun 1, 2020
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  2. rosellavio
    Says you xD
    Jun 2, 2020
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  3. t3mptr3s
    I kinda have been living with him for the past 14 years. I know him a little better. XD
    Jun 2, 2020
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  4. rosellavio
    Fair 'nuff
    Jun 2, 2020
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  5. Ezzerland
    5 minutes in VC and you'll understand. While my voice went great in movies like Jurassic Park, no one wants to hear the sounds of a velociraptor in their every day life xD
    Jun 2, 2020
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  6. Zackery
    hey there Ezzerland.. I in fact love your voice you sexy beast ;) <3
    Jun 2, 2020
  7. iMasterOzan
    Let us hear ur Sexy voice ezzy.
    Jun 7, 2020
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  8. sool
    *Everyone is having fun*
    *Scout or Ezz joins*
    *vc dies*
    Jun 13, 2020