What's this worst thing that has happened to you in (public) schools?

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    1. Peed myself in the dining hall because I didn't know I had a bladder problem..
    2. My headmaster banned phones in junior schools. So rip.
    3. I ate a Cheese sandwich with coffee, I puked up on the teacher. xD
    4. I was cooking and my vision went blurry and I passed out, I was chopping fruit. >-<
    5. I was drawing on the whiteboard and my teacher shouted at me for the first time.
    6. I swore on accident so when I went to the headmaster, I said 'I didn't mean to I accdentily said et on accident' But I got a warning.

    And Well tons more shit.
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  2. Rave

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    I got tortured and shoved in a locker
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    In 7th grade I was in the gym locker room and there was this kid who was in the same grade and he came up to me pinned me against the lockers and held scissors to my throat. I didn't know what made him do this and I had never talked to him before the incident but during it happened my friends grabbed him and took the scissors and he just walked away. I told the coach who took it to administration who called my parents. They pressed charges for assault on the kid who was close to killing me. So yeah I was pretty crazy.
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    Sorry I don't play anymore
    fudge that person
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    The older kids who think they can boss us 7th Graders around.
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  6. overwatchlover69

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    I break my arm every time i try to throw anything. Or atleast it feels like it.

    But, once, i was walking down a hallways with my class in 1st grade, and there was a mural painted onto the wall, it was really old, and i was dragging my hand across it because it was really smooth, and then a teacher saw me and made me wipe down the whole mural with a hand wipe at recess. A kid walked by me and laughed at me and the next day i punched him in the balls.
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    So this kid in grade 1 or something vomited during an assembly like a couple seats away from me so the entire row of people were just trying not the gag cause the smell was horrible and the look of it was like green and yellow.

    Also got a blood nose during class and it was EVERYWHERE
    and I had to stand there awkwardly next to the teacher waiting for him to stop talking to another kid while blood kept dropping all over myself and the floor. Some kids even gasped when they saw me.

    Oh and also a teacher scolded at me for 20 minutes because I accidentally dropped one chocolate wrapper on the floor and the whole class like surrounded me. Gosh I hated that teacher.
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    In seventh grade, I was in class with a few Samoan people. They called each other "Sole", which means "Boy" in Samoan. I thought it was their name.

    It turns out one day I addressed one as "Sole", assuming it was their name. Since I wasn't Samoan, I had no right to use that language and found myself being thrown on the ground and kicked multiple times. Eventually I was punched directly in the nose which caused problems.

    The next day of school was the worst as almost every student was insulting me because I did not fight back. They started to throw rocks at me, after which I couldn't handle all the stress and transferred schools.

    Seventh grade was a horrible year for me. I've tried to put it behind me but I do remember that this all happened on 13th December, 2013.

    I take pride in my work in my new school, but my previous school had been miserable ever since the gangs started forming.
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    - I was preparing for my power point presentation during a German lesson (About 3 years ago) and I forgot to change my wallpapers before hand so when I went to go present my power point, all these girls with cars came up on the screen while everyone was looking. Could say it was slightly embarrassing. The teacher laughed though so it wasn't too bad.
    "Change your wallpapers next time", my teacher said afterwards while giggling at me smh.

    - Got into a fight with a guy a year above me because he thought I was talking to his girlfriend, when in reality I had never talked to her or seen her before. Typical fight, after school with everyone watching down on the soccer oval. It was an even fight because a teacher came so everyone bolted away lmao. (About 4 years ago). Learn't that fighting is not okay and that it should never be used to solve any situation unless necessary or life threatening.

    - Hit in the head with a soccer ball during the finals for my school. I stopped the goal so it was worth it.

    - Broke my wrist on the flying fox because it was wet and I was special but I played on it anyway. Slipped off because it was wet and fractured my wrist l0l.

    Idk which is the worst, probably the first or second one lmao.
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