US Hindu Rasthra 2050

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    This is how the US can be a Hindu Rashtra by 2050:

    The Tulsi Gabbard-Andrew Yang Democratic ticket wins the Presidential election in 2020, Yang gives green cards to all STEM international students. Almost all jobs are lost to A.I. and Automation. Waves of Indian IT coolies flood in to the US due to job openings in AI and automation, massively increasing Hindu population and birth rate in USA. Rural whites go extinct due to suicide and drug OD’s because all their jobs are taken by A.I. and automation. Urban white birth rate reaches negligible levels due to cultural degeneracy and they are gentrified out of all nicer areas by Indian IT coolies. Urban whites also go extinct. Male birth control is invented, black birth rate falls to zero and blacks cease to exist within 15 years because they all off each other in gang wars. Illegal Mexicans and Muslims are deported to Mexico. Border Wall is built. Remaining Mexicans are used for the few manual labor jobs that remain. Godless asians are forced convert to Hinduism and swear allegiance to Rashtra. Most do so voluntarily because of Hinduism provides them with purpose and meaning in life. Those who don’t are deported to China. Tulsi declares Hinduism the official state religion of the United States.
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