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Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Saul1337, Nov 24, 2014.

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  1. Saul1337


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    Hello, I have stepped down as Administrator and I am no longer staff.
    The idea of this has been in my head for a long time but recent changes gave me the little push to finally step down. I am now a Youtuber rank on the Server, and Default rank on the forums.

    Reasoning behind this is because of how the Staff team and Community has become.

    When I met Jerry and Harry on their Teamspeak I was very lucky to have them ask me for my help in their video. After this I helped in almost every video that came out, I always loved making videos so I loved doing it.
    So for a channel with around that time 99k subscribers asking me to help in their video was like Christmas morning.

    After helping in a lot of videos people started to recognize my name, to make me stand out in the chat and to give me something to do I was promoted to MOD.
    I was getting to know Jerry and Harry better playing games with them, helping them with videos etc. Which soon made me become an Admin on the server.
    This drew a lot of attention on me with the other staff, they were working their ass off daily to try to get promoted while I was getting promoted every week for appearing in their videos.
    I felt really uncomfortable with this I got a rank everyone wants without really wanting or applying for it. I decided to solve this, by working just as hard as they do. I spent full days catching xrayers, moderating chat and other Staff stuff. Just so I could prove to the others that even though I am getting promoted really quick compared to them I am still doing the same amount as work as they do.

    I seriously loved what I was doing on the server, I had fun doing it. I also started talking to people from the community more and realized its full of fun people. I was meeting fun and nice people everyday.

    We skip a lot of months, and we are now at the time the forums came.
    I was really excited when I heard about the forums, I had never really been on a forum from the start and being administrator on it would mean I could see it grow everyday. When the forums started it was a lot of fun, people would upload the little things they made in real life or just interesting or funny threads.
    And the best part, BAN APPEALS. I loved doing ban appeals, reading about how their younger brother or sister x-rayed on their account and how it wasn;t them was a lot of fun.

    Everything was fun, and went well until my really bad habit kicked in. Slacking off massively.
    I do this on here, and in real life. I started to slack off once everything got a little less fun, I started doing less Ban appeals and soon enough they got taken over. I still came on the server daily but just didn;t do as much work on there as I used to. My building career on the server also stopped once a better builder came along, to keep it short I lost all my motivation for doing stuff. All I really wanted to do was help with the videos, since that is and has always been fun. Even though the last months it;s been harder to do, I still enjoy helping in videos for the ItsJerryAndHarry channel. (Also now for JerryVsHarry)

    Soon after that new staff got hired, and more staff would be online which would mean less looking at the chat for me and more doing whatever I felt like doing, since any other staff member could also kick the person spamming, cursing or doing something which was not allowed.

    Then, the forum flame wars came. A bunch of people would make the biggest problem out of something small creating huge threads full of fights. I realized how the community actually was, the people that I liked so much turned into the people I hate so much. The community was still fun on the server, but I realized that when you put them on a forum it goes wrong. Horribly wrong. This did not help in the process of trying to regain motivation. You can pretty much say the community is forever scarred by a few bad fights, because even mentioning the word drama gets everyone on their toe;s.

    Skipping a lot of months again, the server revamp came. I had my motivation back to a 50%.
    I had a lot of fun with the new mini games and factions, and around this time the server was growing everyday with a lot of numbers. The problem was I was having so much fun with the Mini games and Factions that I would rather be playing that then do my job as an administrator. Which should not be the mindset of a staff member on a server this big. And with a server this big, more and more staff got hired. A lot more active staff that would do the work I did but then only ten times better and faster.

    After this I pretty much did nothing for a long time. I would just play on the server, kick a few people everyday and do my own thing really.

    I did nothing for a long time. I started doing stuff a long while back again but not enough.
    I did nothing more than 3/8 reports a day and replying to a few PM;s everyday.
    The reports I did are the ones we receive when you press the report button. Those reports are not public so no one ever really saw it when people did them. And in this staff team reports seem to be a big thing. So not having your name on at least 3 reports on the ;public; reports would barely be acceptable.

    When the entire mod+ thing happened a lot of people started calling me out on why I am still an Admin while I do nothing in their eyes. I got pretty uncomfortable with this, I didn;t even know what was going on and all of the sudden three people attack me and ask me what I do on the server everyday. After catching up with what happened, I still felt really uneasy with it. I realized that I was pretty much not seen as an administrator. When people talk/talked about Admins they talked about Daorack And Willy, not about me. And that is pretty annoying, since I was just as much as an admin as them. I just didn;t make a public agenda or a news post about everything that happened.

    I guess people started taking me less serious because I wasn;t acting like it at all.
    I was usually spending a lot of time talking to people in the lobby whenever I was online. Making jokes, just having fun really. This didn;t really make me much of an admin, more just someone that goes on the server to chat. And always chatting wasn;t my strongest part either, I ended up insulting a ton of people with the wrong comments at the wrong time, including other staff members.

    I also felt excluded from a lot of things that, when I tried getting more included it didn;t really work out.

    And with all that stacking up the idea to step down as Admin came up, and with the promotions and new helpers I feel like its the right time to stop being an Admin.
    I had a lot of fun at the end, but its just no longer for me. I;d rather have someone who;s work actually affects the server take over my position.
    I will still be on the Server and Forums, but no longer as staff.

    I had fun as an admin, I have done my goods but mostly my bads.

    I know some of you will say : Finally that lazy Admin gone.
    While others might say : Ah, that good Admin left.
    But I am interested in all of your opinions, so please post them.

    I will probably regret creating this thread since I am really bad at these letter kind of things and I have probably forgotten a lot which makes it unclear but .. screw it. I have been working on this for the past two hour I wanna do other stuff. And brain farts are not helping me write this.

    See you guys on the server and forums :)
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  2. SellZy

    SellZy Donator

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    I understand. Good luck without ya rank. Have fun!
  3. Krewlex

    Krewlex Admin Staff Member Administrator

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    XenonHD / Krewlex
    Beat me to all the ranks you nub, but what an amazing time it's been. :)
    (how good would it feel to kick Saul on the server?... hmm)
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  4. Saul1337


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    ill bash your head in chav
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  5. Katy_

    Katy_ Donator

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    Thanks for the time you've spent here,
    and all that you've done here.
    Idk about others, but I never judged you
    one way or the other.
    Good luck doing whatever makes you happy =)
  6. Warden

    Warden Donator

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    I respect your decision Saul.
    Even though I didn't talk to you much, I saw as you as a role model and it's sad to see you step down.
    Good luck in the future, and I hope to see you around on the server! :)
  7. Katerina

    Katerina Former Mοd Donator

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    no pls ifna
    Anyway saul we understand good luck.
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  8. sebastiann

    sebastiann ‏אנו צריכים להפיץ אהבה Donator

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    Thank you for everything you've done, Saul. I understand and respect your decision.
    Good luck without your rank, I guess?
  9. JokerBen

    JokerBen Donator

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    I actually can't believe what I'm seeing. You're always there on the server, but I respect your decision.
  10. pandaness123

    pandaness123 Minecraft Rulz

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    We all respect your decision and also lol
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  11. Krewlex

    Krewlex Admin Staff Member Administrator

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    XenonHD / Krewlex
    It'll be a while before people realise he isn't staff I bet, will probably still be bombarded with questions xD
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  12. Rila

    Rila Pyro is top bae

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    Well, I might see you go inactive soon, but I still have your Steam at least. Glad that you decided to make an explanation and somewhat of an confession. I respect your desicions, so...
    See you on the server and the forums, Saul.
  13. Loling

    Loling KingKylie

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    Thank you for your time as an Administrator, Thank you for everything. o7
  14. Slevin

    Slevin Donator

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    Good luck Saul! I respect your decision and I hope that your future has great things to come.
  15. Andy

    Andy Former S.TAFF | M Donator

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    I respect your decision in this matter. Thank you for all that you have done. :)
  16. John_0696

    John_0696 Johnora The Airbender Donator

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    I respect your decision saul, as i know that the job of being an admin is stressful and hard.

    thank you so much for all your work, Thank you so much for all the good times in Bambi, and thanks for being a good friend to all of us. :) if you ever want to talk to us, we will be here.
  17. RadeonX

    RadeonX 闇はどこにでもあります。 Donator

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    Who is Saul btw?

    I keed.
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  18. NoahMC


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    You were easily one of the funniest people on the server, with jokes and stuff. You fid your job the best you could, because hypocricy and laziness can play a role after a while.

    I was one of those people questioning the things that you did. I was sticking my nose in to business that I should not have. Now reading this, I respect all you have done and have to say you were a great Administator, possibly one of the kindest and funniest staff members.

    I respect your decision, good luck Saul, and I hope to see you on.
  19. PyromancerMagic

    PyromancerMagic Donator

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    I'm going to blame myself for the flame war issue...I was the leader in that whole "making bigger deals out of what really isn't" thing. I've made my apology for that a while ago, but I want to apologize to you personally, for being part of why you started to have less fun. I also want to apologize for all the times I was an absolute pain in your ass.

    I remember the days when you and Hai used to get on almost daily, and this was back when you were Co-Owners. To me, having someone who runs the server on nearly all the time gave a sense of security. People saw the higher staff as more active, and always felt something was being done, or that you guys were helping out. Even J&H themselves were quite active back then, and so was Dao. Then, Hai and Potato (in all honesty, potato never got on anyways. I saw him twice) left, you were made an admin, and that was that.

    To really everyone here, i'm sorry for becoming that uprising "role-model" that screwed up the feelings between staff and players. I've learned now, but it is too late. The effects have already begun.

    I think most of us will still look up to you, even without your admin rank. With that, I hope we can still see you on the server and forums.

    Good luck, and godspeed.
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  20. Gooby

    Gooby ミCutie彡 Donator

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    Plot twist.
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