Skyblock Reset Questions & New Skyblock Opportunities

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    I have made this post to answer most questions related to the Skyblock reset. This mainly answers questions for players who played the previous Skyblocks.

    Please don't ask staff for refunds, or annoy staff about it. If you purchased any perks on the old skyblocks they have been reset. Plain and simple. Also, it states upon purchasing that it does not carry over on resets.



    From now on, there is only the default skyblock island. There are no island's depending on your rank. This was added (from what I believe) to even the playing field for all players, slightly lowering the pay to win aspect.

    You can now purchase a larger island, I know for a lot of players this would be a pro.

    You can no longer delete your island, once you make it you can only reset it.

    Co op is a new feature. It allows you to join another player's island temporarily, until that player decides or logs off.

    Previous Stuff

    If you have purchased Spawner's, they are gone. I know you will be angry, as was I. But just come to the realization that it's been long enough, move on.

    Balances have been reset. It's sad. But now you will enjoy the game. The fun part is in working to get the money like the good ol' days. I remember when everyone would make cobblestone generators, and beg for money xD it's just like those days!

    Before the reset I built a massive island, then afked. But I have realized it's fun to build up the island. You may not realize it, but the fun is found in building something, not running it.

    I just made this to answer the main questions of OG players re-joining skyblock. These answers are from my experiences with returning players.

    Skyblock Opportunities

    I would like to give back to the community. So if you are on skyblock, just message me and I might hire you to do some work (paid with skyblock money ofc).

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