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    Life is considered a lot of things. Life is defined in many ways. Life is sculptured by you. Life gives you one chance, not two. There are many things that you do that make your life better. There are many things that you do to make your life worse. There are many things that people do to you to make your life better and worse. But ultimately, it’s up to YOU, to go out and make your life how you want to make it.

    You make a mistake? You learn from it. You do something great? You cherish it and continue to work on it. Life offers us many things, but the most important thing to me is it offers the opportunity to always go one step further to improve it for yourself and for others. Ask yourself this, when you finally lose your place in this world. How do you want to be remembered?

    We meet new people. We lose those people. We meet more people; we continue to lose them. But it’s not always like that. You will always have a person or a small group of people who appreciate you for you. They will not try to change you for their own benefit, to make their lives easier. Those people are the kind of people that lie to you and manipulate you, and believe me we have all met at least one of those. There are people that try to change you for the benefit of everyone, including yourself, whether it’s your behaviour or some sort of addiction that is slowly ruining you, those are the kinds of people you are lucky to meet. Believe me, they are and we have met people like that too.

    Remember who you are and what you are worth to someone. It pains me to see that people will always focus on the things that are bad about them, rather than the good things. You must acknowledge both, but paying attention to one specifically is not good at all. You either become too depressed or too arrogant. I have focused on the bad things about myself too, I can admit I was weak, but it’s a waste of time. I am proud of who I am and you should be too.

    We’ve all done things that are bad and stupid, that we regret. But that doesn’t mean the game is over. Life is like a game. We keep trying, we keep learning and if we are struggling, we seek help. Never quit. Never.

    Today we are in a world where minorities are oppressed more than ever. Today we are in a world where everyone gets offended too easily. But subsequently, the humour has grown into a more slanderous and offensive tone that target certain groups like people with certain religious and political beliefs and much more. Sad isn’t it? But it’s life. We adapt, we don’t judge people on these things. We don’t try to make people into what we consider the ‘’perfect’’ person. Perfect? Please. It shouldn’t be used to describe a person. Sure, it can be used to say ‘’this person is perfect for me’’ but calling them perfect, you’re only lying to yourself and them. Be proud of yourself. And if people judge you? So be it. Just remember, they are wasting their time and they are not ‘’perfect’’ themselves. Do not give them a reaction. If you are that hurt by it, by all means talk to someone. There’s always/ there will be someone. Also remember that, if everyone was the same and if everyone got along with one another, nothing would get done.

    I have met many people in my life in real life and on here. I have had a best friend on here since 2014. I have a great friend on here who I can always talk to about anything and we talk about football(NFL) when we get the chance to talk. I’ve met a friend who is hilarious day in and day out and makes me laugh. I have met a crap tonne of people. I am lucky yes, but it doesn’t make me any happier than I already am. You can have 1 or 100 people in your life and they will give you that same level of happiness constantly. (Well unless you’re in a relationship, then it can be more but that’s not the point).

    You may not be proud of you. But I am. You wake up every day, go to school/college/work/whatever you do. That’s something to be proud of. You’re going out and living your life every day. If you’re not proud of yourself, I can’t control that and I won’t try to change that but believe me, if you look deep enough, you will find something. You don’t need someone to tell you it. It’s there, you just need to look. It’s a lot better to take pride in yourself!

    Together we stand. Together we fall. Together we unite. Shoulder to shoulder. Hand in hand. We get this chance to share it with others. To take these opportunities one by one. To brighten the day of others. To support the people around you. To engage and share friendly feelings for each other and in advanced cases, the one person you will eventually love. Every day in life isn’t ‘’gosh, another day’’, it’s a new beginning. Just always remember this…. You may feel like things are over, but ‘’you will never walk alone’’ (the quote is from many songs).
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    That was deep. I like meaningful posts. You do good irish boy <3
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    Extremely powerful. I enjoy posts like these, it really shows people the meaning of all of us. Keep going, you will get very far in life.
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    Made my day!
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    jkjk, that was deep. Like, damn...
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    Out of words....

    Its really deep and true. We all work yet none of us take a moment to be proud of ourselves, then when we are feeling down we just think about how shit we are. Well freakin' said.
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    Truly amazing. This really opened my eyes.

    Thanks for this.