Quad Double Piston Extender

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    I've decided to take everything I know about redstone, and expand on that.

    Prior to expanding my knowledge on Logic gates, I find myself beginning to master them more, gradually becoming better with each expansion.

    I decided that I was confident enough in my knowledge of Redstone and Logic Gates to make a video without sounding like a moron who doesn't know what they're talking about, because well - I think I got a decent idea when it comes to the Piston Extenders.

    Since then, I've been breaking the barriers more, not stopping at a Quad extender (4) but, going up to a Sextuple Extender (6), then an Octuple Extender (8).

    In the video I show off last nights discovery, I'm sure it's been found before, maybe, however I looked on youtube and found nothing that shows my original design, so I take credit for discovering this, atleast to say I did it myself.

    I will upload more videos of each expansion, at this rate I believe the extenders can be in the hundreds until chunk distance factors functionality.
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