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    momand, alias: modand or as an abbreviation of motherampersand, was a fictional character and founder of the momandic belief.

    His creator, Andy, who claims is/was momand himself, was, unlike his artistic figure, born in 2001, while momand was born in 2016.

    Andy announced momand’s death on March 4th 2017 and as a result, people with the momandic belief (more info below) were left depressed.

    Origin, life and work


    momand was born in 2016. The first post on the forums about momand was posted on August 9th 2016 by FairyFxrest.


    Since then, many myths are surrounding the origin of momand. The forums user leanna claimed that she is the founder of momand, while Andy claimed the same. The origin was thereby not entirely known, until Andy confirmed leanna as founder of momand on October 16th 2016.


    2016 Election: Killer Smgstar vs. momand

    On November 9th 2016, one day after the 2016 United States presidential election, Andy decided to let the J&H forums users elect their president: Smg or Andy. On November 12th the thread was locked and it was no longer possible to vote for one of them. 42 members have voted, both of them recieved 21 votes, meaning that both candidates reached 50% of the votes. Five days later, Smg striked back and exposed momand in the 24th edition of the #IJAHAlert.


    Since December 31st 2016 it remained quiet around momand. It seemed like momand was forgotten by the public.
    On March 4th Andy announced momand’s death.


    Many believers refused to believe this, so they’ve taken miscellaneous actions, such as protests and claims like “momand will forever be alive”. Two more times Andy announced the death of his character. He also appealed to the public as a reminder to “love your friends [and] hate momand”.

    Origin of the name

    The story about momand wasn’t known to the public until November 1st 2016, as it was explained. According to the story, leanna called Andy “mom dad”, because he shall be her father and mother, and so, with a bit of imagination, momand was born. The accuracy of this story is not scientifically proven.

    Andy doesn’t like to mention that momand is an abbreviation of motherampersand, yet he put it in his infopage. This specific part has been removed recently.

    Artistic skills

    Surprisingly, momand was a popular singer. momand’s greatest hits were a cover of the “iCarly Season 1 Theme Song”, “Let Me Be Your Dong Lover” and “Harambe, Our Lord And Savior”. He was awarded with Double Gold and represented the apes at the ItsJerryAndHarry Song Contest.

    Andy and an ape on stage in the J&H Indoor Arena.

    momand was also a highly gifted painter. He paints with the blood of his enemies and turns it into abstract and
    surreal artistry.

    Here is his most famous painting “The Red Hell” (2016). Click on it to enlarge.

    Miscellaneous information

    - Throughout the months, comments and posts saying “i’m momand” were made by Andy, proving that he indeed was momand.

    - The site of the founding of momand is a simple plot with Harambe heads on black wool blocks next to the Doge’s Palace on Creative2.

    Staff activities

    momand is Andy, and therefore he was part of the staff team. As he resigned, sorrow and desperation spread on both the staff team and the players sides. Andy’s return to the team is eagerly anticipated.


    The momandic belief

    The momandic belief, also referred to momandism, was a part of agnosticism, which is then again a part of atheism.

    The existence of the founder, momand, cannot be proven or isn’t known to mankind. Unlike Christianity or the Islam, there are no sacred religious texts, such as the Bible or the Koran.

    momanders believe that momand is the human embodiment of Harambe, their lord and savior, who was shot in a Cincinnati Zoo on May 28th 2016, one day after his birthday. This led to different controversies in the internet and also to the momandic belief.

    In September 2016, the momanders split from the harambeans in the belief, because the harambeans weren’t agreeing with the momanders point of view on the killing of Harambe. Since then the momandic belief is divided into two major branches.

    Statistics show that almost 2.000.000 people are followers of the momandic belief, which is about 0,27% of the world population.


    Andy also maintains a small YouTube-Channel with about 340 subscribers. He uploads Twenty One Pilots-Remixes and –Combos and fun times with friends, such as the Grape and .mp4-Videos. More of his works down below.



    - The Red Hell (2016)

    - Aquis Submersus (Original by Max Ernst; replicated with blood of the enemies in 2016)


    - Let Me Be Your Dong Lover (2016)

    - iCarly Theme Song Season 1 (cover version, 2016)

    - Harambe, Our Lord and Savior (2016)

    - The PlOp (short for: The Plum Operator; 2017)

    - NaClO (Chemical formula for Sodium Hypochlorite, also referred to bleach; 2017)

    Note: Only the iCarly Theme Song Season 1 is still available to the public. It can be found on YouTube or on the forums.

    Short Films and Videos (Selection)


    Thank you for reading. This took longer than I expected. I hope you got to know momand a bit better by this.
    Note: This is just for fun and should be based on a standard Wikipedia-Article. It is supposed to be bad.
    People in this thread: @sadandy @FairyFxrest @leanna @Smg
    I'm looking forward to making more of these. Just suggest a topic if you'd like via PM.
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    Yeah, I do know momand a bit better. xD
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    momand is ready for his descent into hell!
    we are dead. we want to die!
    momand was never alive.
    it is far beyond our reach.
    it dances within the deepest pit of hell with its demons.
    we will commit suicide in order to join it.
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    Glad I acted in one of momand's videos before his death. Guy was a legend!
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    holy shit dude
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    � Costellon �
    What the fuck
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    You can get paid for stuff like this mayn
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