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    I remember playing MC as a younger kid. I went on this server and thought it was so cool. I bought so many ranks (I was convinced the money was well spent) and at the time the GOD rank didn't exist, so when I bought Herobrine I thought I was so cool lol... I remember making friends, making head shops in creative, pixel art, applying for staff (and failing lol.) Then I remember the day I got banned. I was in parkour, and got kicked out with some message saying I was banned. At the time I was incredibly upset, as I spent well over $100 on this server, and countless hours. Crazy how time flies... I haven't played Minecraft in years, but I'm hoping to play again. I appealed the ban but the e-mail of an owner replying got sent to my spam and I never saw it within 24 hours (deadline to reply.) Really gonna miss this server and all the memories. Might buy an unban but I don't know if i'm blacklisted or not. I love this community, and will always remember it <3
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    you can find out if you are blacklisted by joining the server and you have to do something really bad to be blacklisted.
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