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Love or Like cake?

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    WELCOME! This game is super cool. I decided, to make one of those things you see on facebook or instagram or twitter WUTEVER! Anyyways, Rules are simple.
    1. Please don't just make the randomest one you can.
    2. Be real about the answers. LOL <3 perfect way to stalk!
    3. Just accept your sentence. Even comment a siblings or something! :D THE MORE THE MERRIER! Warning: PLACE ALL YOU DO IN ONE COMMENT! PLEASE!
    4. Lets get started.

    BIRTHDAY MONTH: Shirt Color (Base Color):
    January: I killed White - Miley Cyrus​
    February - I ate dinner with Shade of tan or brown - (a) cake
    March - I hate Red - Morgan Freeman
    April - I got laid by Blue - Peeta (from the hunger games)
    May - I rode a unicorn with Orange - The tooth fairy
    June - My best friend is Yellow - Your Dad
    July - I ate Purple - The avatar above you. (First commenter has me)
    August - I screamed at Grey - Johnny Depp
    September - I baked a cake with Green - A unicorn​
    October - Ate bacon with Pink - Bruno Mars
    November - I slapped Other - Taylor Swift
    December - I rode a donkey with

    A-F - Because I can.
    G-M - Because I ate a cake.
    N-S - Because I love fried chicken.
    T-Z - Because Jerry and Harry live in Fartia.

    HAVE FUN! Mine would be: I rode a unicorn with a cake because I can! >:3 GO AHEAD
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