Blaze take no water damage! (SkyBlock)

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    Blaze don't take water damage!

    Your username: Flymaster_z
    In which minigame/server does the bug occur: SkyBlock 1-5
    Detailed description of bug:

    I have been playing SkyBlock on Jerry and Harry for a very long time. I have recently brought some Spawners and placed them, Excited to make some money of blaze rods. I then realized that the AI of Blaze have been removed or bugged. This now makes it much harder to farm blaze since they don't take damage from water. The same with Enderman just standing in water! I don't know if you would class this as a bug or not but it is very aggravating and removed an aspect of difficulty from the game. Since fire tick is turned off I don't see why the AI of Blaze was removed or bugged. I am also disappointed that my Spawner is now useless since the whole system was created for blaze rods. I hope this gets resolved and that level of difficulty is returned to its original state since that was one of the many things that attracted me to the JerryandHarry SkyBlock.

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    Thank you for reading! Please leave some support and your opinion on the subject!
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    For some reason mobs who spawn from spawners spawn without any AI.
    Btw blazes don't drop blaze rods if they're not killed by players.
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