5 Years!!!!

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    Celebrating 5 years of fun, excitement, sadness and adventure...

    It is super close to my 5 year mark of being in this community.
    Time to start from the beginning

    2011 I believe was the start of my Minecraft experience. My parents didn't want to pay for a premium account so I found a cracked server (I think that's what it was called) to play on because I wanted to use multiplayer. At the end of 2012 I was shocked to find the lobby absolutely griefed and messages warning the server's closure. Around about this time 2013, I got my mum to buy me a premium account.
    How did I find this server? To be honest, I looked at a list of servers on some website and randomly chose this one.

    I didn't interact much with the community to begin with because I was trying to complete that parkour around Jerry and Harry's statues lol. I griefed in Kuzon55's faction and I didn't know what that meant. I got banned. Eventually I found a faction to join and I used my area to do skin contests. My faction was the Fluffy-somethings...my memory is so bad. Maybe FluffyWolf?? I really can't remember. There was a build server for donators which I loved. I joined Bambi which was cool where I met (youtuber) HeyImBee when she wasn't that popular but still as unbearable as today lmao.

    Jerry and Harry promoted me to moderator which was pretty cool and I just went with it. I remember when I wasn't allowed on Teamspeak and spoke to them and they had no idea what I was saying because 1. I was trying to be quiet 2. My Australian accent.

    I played a member in One Direction for one of J&H's videos. I absolutely and painfully loved One Direction.

    I was one of those people who "online dated" others on here for a couple of years and now fully regret it. It's embarrassing and stupid dating people online, mainly if you've done it more than once, twice, three times - you know what I mean.

    I resigned in 2015. I became an angry and nasty person for a while because of all the crap I bottled up over the years. I got a lot of hate, but I survived it.

    In 2016 I really started to become less active on the server as it was my last year of high school. I eventually only wanted to be involved in the community on the forums. I think the less active I was benefited everyone.

    In 2017, I started university. I would log on to the forums almost everyday and make sure I didn't disconnect from the place I grew up. I logged into the server here and there only to see barely anyone on and those I didn't know at all.

    Although most current members would not recognise me, I'm still a proud veteran. I think of myself as that old grandpa from the Simpsons with a heap of origin stories. I'm happy I survived 5 years.

    Thanks @ItsJerry & @ItsHarry and all the friends I made here!! :D
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    Congrats on the anniversary!!!
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    good ol' days
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    That should mean.. I'm coming up to my 5 years. If I can remember the exact date I started playing here lmao.
    Congrats on 5 years though!
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    I personally cannot remember when I joined, but I have been on the forums for 3 years (8 days ago was my anniversary) and have been on the server for a bit longer. The memories created on this server have impacted me in so many ways, me without this server, just wouldn't be me. This server has done so much for me, and honestly is just apart of me in all. I will never forget this server. I have met so many different people, it is really unbelievable what something that may seem so small, can do so big. Incredibly, when I was younger I have always wanted to become a staff member, look where I am today. It is an amazing experience giving back to the server that has done so much for me. I want all the little kids who may be reading this to always remember, stay safe and have fun :smile:. This is your childhood.
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    lol fun times. 5 years flew by fast
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    congrats giiiirl!! (:
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    Unprepossessing (MappyTurtle)
    Ayy congrats magi!
    I remember when you helped get me sorted into my helper rank.
    My my my that was a long time ago.
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    aWeeee wow I love you and miss you beautiful girl I bet you're out there stunning the world
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    Damn I've been here for 4 years but I was only active for half a year or so before I went on a 3 and a half year hiatus lmao
    It's crazy how time flies and how you manage to still stick around where it all started. Still won't forget I joined the forums the day before my birthday so I guess it was a nice birthday gift to find IJAH :)
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    Heyyy! That's a quite a long time.
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    Although, I don't really know you, congrats on 5 years!
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