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May 27, 1998 (Age: 20)



Sometimes you're being brought further down, just so you could stand your ground and build yourself higher than you were before. Apr 29, 2019

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    1. NonMala
      Sometimes you're being brought further down, just so you could stand your ground and build yourself higher than you were before.
    2. NonMala
      Walk slowly, but go strongly.
    3. NonMala
    4. NonMala
      I must say, all the staff members are so hardworking. Thank you guys for doing your best to contribute to this community. :)
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    5. NonMala
      Yo, what's up? Used to be known as 'Mayu'. Man, this place slightly changed and so did I with some time. :) I honestly miss people here.
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    May 27, 1998 (Age: 20)

    I don't believe in the personalities thingy anymore, but if you're curious about my type, I'm an ENFJ/ESFJ with some ENFP/ESFP cusp, cusp

    My opinion on the personalities thingy:

    You can look at the personalities thing this way, you can change your types with either
    oscillations, polar opposites, cognitive functionality, or intuitively change to the type that you need to based on the situation or the certain period in your life that you need to become.

    For example, I got ESFJ in my results, so that could either mean that I've either matured fast, or became the AWARE polar opposite, that I needed to grow into to progress further in my life. Which means, that I was an INTP, and yes I did get that result in my tests many times before, when I took it. An aware Consul is a Logician, and an aware Logician is a Consul. There has to be some kind of balance, some equivalent exchange in a sense.

    Also, I really love surrealism art. It's really intriguing to know and feel how abstract, artistic and otherworldly that is.

    I also happen to have a varied/fluid taste in music, I like anything from metal/rock to jazz/blues/hip hop.

    Bands I like:
    BMTH, Sum 41, Slipknot, SWS, Tokio Hotel, Ed Sheeran, TOP/Tyler Joseph, Fear of Domination, along with some old school heavy metal bands and more. Likewise, I can listen to many different bands and genres. Except lo-fi hip hop which I like but it tires me for e.g, because it sounds kinda passive.

    There's nothing stronger than the human mind, and the subconscious. It all lies in your subconscious to shape and change the best life you actually want for yourself. But that takes time, training, and discipline. And without it, you can't succeed.

    I'm dead inside, someone help.