The Story Game (Sentence Game)

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    Story Game
    Also known as the sentence game.

    I would like to start a simple but yet exciting game of stories. The point of this game is to join together all of our fantastic brain abilities and create a magnificent piece of art. It's quite simple and I hope that everyone will follow the rules so that this runs smoothly. I am excited to see what everyone comes up with.

    1. Only type one sentence of the story at a time
    2. Wait until at least one person posts before you post another sentence
    3. Work off the previous sentence posted
    4. Don't post unnecessary sentences/phrases that have nothing to with the story
    5. If you have something to say that has nothing to do with the story use parenthesis (*Insert non-story related comment here*) For example: *Insert sentence here* (haha why would a carrot do that)
    6. Be creative :D

    Let's begin! I will start with the first sentence:

    There once was a boy who traveled the world in search of the majestic noodle farm.