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    hello skyblock has been a good server and still is 60players+. i know how skyblock wont reset for a while so i wanna suggest stuff u can add there and now to make it a tiny bit more fun because skyblock is mostly afk to win kinda.

    add weekly challenges for instant challenge 1/5 grind 25000 blazes to receive 5holy crate keys. 2/5 farm 10000 nether warts. and so on

    this is will make skyblock more active as on not being afk
    and also ive noticed the pvp is quite active so next map maybe add a island vs island plugin with a wager so like
    /is duel regions $500000 something like that to have some fun in the game.

    Hope this gets added.
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    - There really isn't anything to win in skyblock in the first place, its supposed to be the relaxed gamemode out of the active ones. Its like creative, but actually fun.
    - I like the idea of weekly challenges for keys. But for anyone with a crap ton of money, (myself included) It won't be any effort put into getting them.
    - A big feature of skyblock is that afk farming works. You can actually get money from doing it. (spawners dependent)
    - This is the first time I have seen the pvp arena active in a while and its because you and like 3 others moved over from kitpvp. The last time I saw it even relatively active before that was maybe 3 months ago.
    - Compare each challenge to a supply crate on kit. That's about what it should feel like per challenge to be fair, even for those with money (1 key per challenge; making them difficult). Because I can tell you right now, 10k netherwarts I can buy from /shop, and 25k blazes (is quite a lot) but relatively easy with someone that has a large farm of them.

    Also, why not tag me for skyblock suggestions :wink:

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    well apex reason i dont like kitpvp xd is because of all the hackers and i feel its time i take a break like ive been on 1year no days off so i feel like its time to relex and ima go for 1mth in september so just take it all out.

    but your welcome for pvp zone and ive now started public grinders you got me into that xd ty for the idea as your ig farm. ill keep trying my ass of to make j&h the best as it can be as like pvp on skyblock chat more active everyone is happy. them sort of stuff
    • :smile::smile::smile: i wish kitpvp for all its future.
    • ill return if the hackers go or something.
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