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    Well, if I were being, I would be doing the being thing. Like, we are all beings being and doing what all beings do. Simply being, being a being starts when you first be. Everyone enters the being world at different times, but we all have the same thing in common, we be. As time goes on we continue to be, whether we like it or not. Being is completely natural. When we be, we be like we've been and continue to strive to be what we dream to be. We may not always like the being inside us when we be. For perhaps being is not always as easy as if it were to be another being. But every being has to be a being, whether or not being the being is fun. According to some beings, being a special being is completely unattainable. The only way to be a Uber-being is to be that being that has been. But wait a minute, that thing you call an Uber-being only became that being because it worked to be what it be. That means, any being can be if it works to be. Otherwise it will always be a been. If you stopped being, other beings would enter a state of being less of the being they were before. To not be being, would perhaps hurt outside beings more than the inside being. So, continue and enjoy being and never let yourself regret the person you have been.