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    If you believe you were punished wrongly and you deserve to be unbanned, please use the following format while writing an appeal.

    You may also post appeals for mutes and warnings, or forum posts that were deleted by a staff member.


    Punishment Appeal Format

    1. Minecraft Username:
    2. Ban Reason when logging in:
    3. When were you banned:
    4. What were you doing around the time you got banned:
    5. Are you guilty of your crime?
    6. Why you deserve to get unbanned:


    Do NOT make multiple ban appeals.

    Do NOT make appeals for friends. You may only appeal for yourself.

    You can create your ban appeal by pressing the "Post New Thread" button in the section this post is in.
    You need to have a registered forum account to post a ban appeal.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.