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    ~J&H Prison Overhaul~

    So as we all know, the current prison server we have has been inactive for quite some time now and is just collecting dust and wasting resources. The proposal I wish to make today is that we completely revamp the server with a few improvements assuming it would be possible with the resources we have.

    The gameplay as of right now is basically to slaughter animals with no real end goal in mind and in my opinion, it gets boring fairly quick.
    I believe a total revamp can bring at least some life to the gamemode if done right. With that being said, my suggestions are as follows;

    Suggestion #1

    OG Prison:
    An older version of prison similar to years ago when I was first introduced to the gamemode.
    The general concept is to mine and gather resources which you would sell in order to obtain money you would use to buy your way into the next rank and/or mining area, eventually earning your end goal of freedom.
    An extra note, not only would there be ore mines, but there would be areas for you to cut down trees to either use to craft items to benefit you, or to sell for money.
    What made this version of prison interesting to me and more than just mining all the time was the risky pvp aspect to gain more items and power within the prison, rather than purely working towards freedom.

    Now, the pvp system works similar to the one we have currently with having pvp areas on your way between the mining areas, however instead of having jump boost to run away you would need to move around the Guards who's job it is to protect the inmates because obviously attacking each other isn't going to be ignored within prison, for the most part at least.

    Normally these guards would be actual people playing the role, however I do not see that being an option should this even be considered therefore we would most likely revert to the guards some of you might remember from the PrisonMMO era however these guards, while being slightly OP, would still be killable and would drop top tier gear for you to use to either earn freedom, or own the prison.
    NPC Guards stationed at each pvp enabled area which go after only those who start fights within pvp areas, and should the attacker leave the pvp area the guard would then reset and return to it's original post.

    Suggestion #2

    Freedom - Survival mode:
    The overall end goal for Prison is to earn your freedom, in which you would gain access to the outside world where you are free to create whatever your heart desires, essentially giving you access to a survival world which could possibly be treated similarly to the old survival server we used to have, should resources allow such a thing. I think having the freedom to run around and build whatever you want, start a town, etc is more worth working towards than simply having access to a plot world, we have Creative for that and I think this would be more interesting overall.
    Of course as I said before, this is only if the resources we have would allow this with little to no performance issues.

    The overall idea:
    A ranking system going A-Z and then the final rank being [Free], with the option to /prestige as well which would reset your rank, however give you a permanent 2x booster perhaps to make things go a little faster.

    NPC Guards to protect inmates within pvp areas, thus making pvp risky yet rewarding if you succeed in either killing your target or the guard.

    Possibly a smaller map, more like an actual prison.

    Working towards the end goal of freedom and access to the survival world.

    Additional notes:
    I've always enjoyed the Prison gamemode and it's a real shame to see it in the state it is currently, these were just some thoughts that I had and I'd love to have a discussion with everyone to see what we can all come up with together for a potential update in the future.​
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    We had the idea of freedom incorporated via creative plots. Basically no one used it though, except to build inappropriate stuff. I don't see a point in bringing it back and if we were going to bring survival up, it'd be better off as its own game mode.

    I don't think what is happening in the game mode needs to change. Also, people hated risky situations with pvp, which is why there are so few pvp spots now.

    But I do agree, if prison is to see any life at this point, it needs to be because the stuff that you're mining, killing, fishing, etc for, needs to benefit you. I, realistically, think that money should be hard to come by and that most gear should be crafted. Moving up in levels and fields should grant you access to better gear that you can work to acquire once at that level. Right now, when you get to be appropriate level to use something new, you've already had it for a while.

    Having said that, I personally just assume we remove prison and find a game mode worth putting effort into.
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    Prison in my opinion is the least substantial and interesting gamemode, in it's current state at least. Replacing it with, say, survival would work well I think.
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