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Discussion in 'Help' started by BossClaire, Mar 1, 2015.

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    I used the old launcher of Minecraft and I happen to see the little note at the top that suggested to use a new launcher. It says it is. It claims that it doesn't need java anymore.
    So, I tried it out. It was going well and it shows an error that says it failed to install. I use my old launcher but it's stuck in Play Offline. If I statr my game offline, I can't go online unless I restarted it.

    So, what do I do?
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    Try re-downloading the .msi one, which is the one that doesn't require Java, and try re-logging in the old launcher. I had the same problem with the .msi, it says it couldn't install, but after a re-download, it did. That's all I can say at the moment, if I get any more research, I'll let you know :)
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    Yeah it doesn't need java anymore because it installs it's own version. Actual proof

    JRE means java runtime enviroment being installed to C:/x86Programms/Minecraft/runtime As far as I've investigated. I don't actual know why I does that but

    If you had the "old" launcher before I means I tries to start from your previous installed java coming from java.com not the one coming from mojang itself.
    Could cause the game to misfunctionating, I admit its new for me too.

    But I suggest you to check your installed programms under Systemsettings and uninstall your regular java from java.com then attempt an reinstall with the minecraft.msi installer.

    If thats not working.. For a less pretty workaround you could download
    ^ It's the jre-8u31-windows-x64.exe from the list. Don't forget to check "Agree with license box" on top.

    Now you got the open plattform version that is normal for linux an is a bit diffrent. Means it needs a .bat file to be executed. If you know how to make a bat use this code:
    if not "%minimized%"=="" goto :minimized
    set minimized=true
    start /min cmd /C "%~dpnx0"
    goto :EOF
    java -jar Minecraft.jar
    Minimize EOF is probably guessable what it do. Minimize the ugly cmd to the taskbar..

    Or push the lazy button and use this one. Needs to be place in the same folder as the Minecraft.jar.
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