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  1. Starixty

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    okay so i'm gonna make this short and simple im also not expecting many replies lol

    going through a tough time, i recently lost two of my best friends (we stopped being friends they didn't die lmfao) who i literally talked to everyday and did everything with them

    i've never experienced pain like this before so does anyone have like advice for moving on cause that shit isn't as easy as i thought it was
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  2. Saul1337


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    Best thing I can tell you, just let them go and move on.

    It's hard, I understand that very well but hanging on to what was won't make moving on any easier. Allow your sadness to take control for a little and mourn over it, but keep moving forwards. Go to school/work, keep up with your hobbies and others in your life. They used to be a big part of your day, and now they're not and you need to get used to that but time heals and activities keeps your mind occupied and will make the sad-parts of the day not so day ruining sad.
    Good luck.
  3. Stockable

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    Yeah, Sauls' correct,

    From perspective: it ain't that simple to let that kind of phase pass by, indeed. However, life must go on. The first phase may definitely hit different with the loneliness kicking in, and so forth. I can unequivocally understand that it is a difficult time, for sure. Entering new chapters in life can be frightening, but, it does not end there.

    Although the thought of their presence may not be there with you now. But you can take the time to heal, pursue hobbies that put a smile on, discover something new, etc. These kinds of feelings are things that perhaps everyone goes through, you are not the only one. Life is not perfect itself, but if you ask me as I go on? I just try to go with the flow and try to do better every day.

    If you need someone to talk to fosho, I'm one message away on Discord fam.
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  4. ItsJerry

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    We don't know the whole story, so it depends on what happened.

    A. Irreconcilable differences/complete betrayal: Do what the above said and move on.

    B. Y'all had a fight over something trivial, people got mad and said some regrettable things in the heat of the moment but didn't really mean it: Should consider trying to apologize and fix the friendship even though it might be embarrassing/they might not want to talk to you.
  5. dinoceros

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    corny, but true: time heals

    spend time with the ones you love
    embrace whatever makes you feel happy and safe (if it's reading, then read. if it's playing minecraft, then play minecraft. etc)
    SPEAK about your emotions and PUT WORDS TO THEM.

    more a personal thing for me, but live your catharsis. find art that represents how you feel. sad music, greek tragedies, sad films. they help you feel connected to your emotions and let out the mean shit

    you have other friends
    as you said
    they didn't die. they'll come back if they're really your friends.
    connect with older acquaintances. create new bonds.
    just go in your DMs and find people you lost touch with
    they'll be happy to hear from you
    it won't always work
    but maybe it will

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  6. retirednow

    retirednow I'll be back sometimes to check in :) Donator

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    the void of time will be filled by a new passion you develop, or you'll start being friends again. Interestingly enough, I had both happen. Just go with the flow, it'll be alright

    also, hang out with your family. when i was going thru something similar, i wound up sending a ton more time with my family and it was awesome.
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  7. samm

    samm saint Donator

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    recently lost my bestfriend of 13 years to a dispute between us

    still haven't figured out how to live my life normally considering it used to completely involve him

    but I think most people here are right when they say time heals, i guess we'll find out together
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  8. Starixty

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    first of all i wanna say thank you guys so much for all the helpful advice! i really appreciate it, seriously

    for context the situation was definitely my fault i was just not being a good friend. i was fully prepared to move on because i thought i’d never talk to them again

    however, they actually texted me last night saying that they forgive me and we can continue being friends!! crying tears of joy rn

    im gonna lock this thread but fr y’all are the best thank you

    also you’ll be okay. obviously im not the best at giving advice because im asking for it but most of the people here are right. it’s okay to cry and be sad but you’ll develop new passions and you’ll grow from this and be a stronger person, i know it. <3
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