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    Yeah I know I'm not the first nor last person to make some/any of these suggestions but here they are.

    1. Removal of diamond armor. The controversial one but hear me out. Any new players joining will find it impossible to play because the amount/activity of targeting diamonds down in war zone. Effect? They leave the server after getting killed a few times because it's not worth playing just to immediately get killed. Some people make the argument that it wont fix the problem because then it will be the same with iron HOWEVER it takes just a handful of hits to kill someone even in enchanted armor rather than an hefty number of hits just for someone in decked out flame diamond sets. What another diamond's argument is: Well that's why you have to farm kills yourself. Okay well it's hard to do after getting hit 2 times and dying because you target players.

    A second solution to 1: (I actually really like this one)
    If you're really intent on keeping diamond armor then possibly make 2 kit servers (Levels) one called Hardcore or something (Includes diamond and op gear) and one called something something (Includes iron, more balanced gear etc.) This will also help out with rank/kit sales because ranks will appear to get more perks since they get kits from both servers leading to the rank possibly being wanted more. Any players wanting to dominate both levels would buy more kits if they're pay to win (because we know there's definitely some).

    2. Next map change it would be really cool if we had more water implemented in the map. Especially since there's a fisherman's kit with depth strider. The current map is cool but it's hard to utilize it.

    3. (New kit idea) A bunny/frog kit with jump boosts would be kinda funny (Yeah stupid too I guess haha)

    Thanks for reading this thread if you did community. Current user: ForeverGlow
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    1 . I agree with all of them, except for your suggestion. It wouldn't be good to have the diamond sets removed for now. Only levels could be added, an area belonging to it could be made
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    -1 for all of it sorry, just speaking my opinion
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