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    NOTE: If there are any grammar errors in this post, please let me know, and I'll fix them. Thank you.

    Hello there Jerry & Harry Community, My name is Chandler, or Pie. I haven't been online much here because life itself has been busy for me; Working at a full-time job, paying bills, hanging with family, etc. But, I wanted to tell a little story of myself.

    I wasn't a well-known member here honestly. Not going to lie I look at my other profile here and see certain things that I've posted and honestly, I felt like I was cringe. But anyway, I came back sometime again to see what's going on and stuff from time to time, as my life has gotten busy. I still remember certain members here but not really because it feels like everyone I wanted to get to know better is now gone, but that's how life is you know. But here's a story of my Jerry & Harry experience on the server, forums, and other things I hope you'll be interested in seeing.


    I don't remember the first time I joined the server much honestly because it was when Minecraft Version 1.5.2 came out. I do remember certain things, however. For example, I was a big ol fanboy of Jerry and Harry and when I see them on the server or their friends, I would like, get excited and just wish that either Jerry or Harry would notice me. Another thing was when I would play the fun mini-games that were so fun back then when Minecraft was still new to me. It was very exciting for me remembering the good old mini-games that I would play and stuff. I still miss those days and wish I could go back in time and have fun again.

    Another random thing was I remembered joining the forums for the first time. I didn't know what the f*ck I was doing on the website other than just exploring stuff like threads and profiles. I remember I wasn't really the most well-known person on the forums because there were times I wanted to talk to people and also try to be more well-known to the community, but unfortunately, I had a lot and I mean a lot of anxiety back then and I didn't even realized why I was so afraid. I mean I met a few people here from time to time, but still, I felt like a freak for whatever reason.

    Later on, as I got into High School, my life became more busy and busy. I was trying to keep up with so many things, but it just wasn't working out so well; Plus, I was losing interest here because Minecraft wasn't that fun anymore. It became super boring to me because I didn't see me doing much here at this point. So later on, I decided that I was gonna take a small break for a bit, to catch up with school activities, homework, and other things. Eventually, I decided that I was just gonna not come back. The reason was that Minecraft like I said became boring as fuck. It wasn't the same as it used to be when I first played it before. Second, the community was slowly dying as well. And Thirdly, I wasn't well known here, so I just kind of left silently because I had so much stress with High School, especially my juinor year.

    But yeah that's all for me for now. If I wanna add something here, I'll probably edit the thread and add more. But yeah I hope that all of you have a great day/night. Sorry if I sound very awkward at the end. There just times I don't know what to put at the end other than to have a good day or night. But yeah. Thanks for reading.


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