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  1. Soso

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    Hi! I'm Epic. I'm that annoying guy who was obsessed with fun and stuff but welp i understand how weird i was and tbh i probably haven't changed. I was active on this forum on an old kindle at bedtime when i was ment to be sleeping and here i am on a laptop. so I'm only here to say that I'm only gonna be on here for about 10 minutes a year or something for suggestions and other things (appeals probably). the reason i am leaving is (please deal with me) i need to deal with depression and suicidal traits. i was bullied badly and other forms of abuse and i still feel extremely depressed and upset. Minecraft is my escape to the world, that's why i play on Minecraft a lot. I might be back but don't know. i am often bullied nowadays for not liking football and playing Minecraft in a cooped up space but yeah. Thanks for all the memories and enjoyment


    Epic (SAminecraftfan,Pizza_Plays_MC,ItsThatGuyOrange,OrangesBeOrange)
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    Hey Orange, I remember that times we built Redstone islands, Im Just saying u Goodbye ;c . And im online a Lot Again... So please Play again, Cuz memories, and its hard to say goodbye..

    - My old IGN: AkineLmaoYQ

    PS: Accept Discord
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