Glitching Out of Every Map in 15 Minutes

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    Easy Maps:
    - Over The Hill | 0:13 - 0:49
    - Kingdom Ruins | 0:50 - 1:43
    - Muffin | 1:44 - 2:34
    - Pyramid | 2:35 - 3:13

    Medium Maps:
    - The Jungle | 3:14 - 4:16
    - Frozen Hedge | 4:17 - 5:31
    - Cube | 5:32 - 6:18
    - Dragon Skies | 6:19 - 7:12
    - The Falls | 7:13 - 8:13
    - Lagoon | 8:14 - 9:23
    - Flooded Pass | 9:24 - 10:24

    Hard Maps:
    - Laboratory 2 | 10:25 - 11:10
    - Impossible | 11:11 - 12:03
    - Ice Age | 12:04 - 12:53
    - Headache | 12:54 - 13:55
    - Forbidden | 13:56 - 14:37
    - Eroded | 14:38 - 14:59

    The title is a bit clickbait, since I didn't glitch out of all 70 parkour maps on the server. Although, I did manage to glitch out of 25% of all the maps. There are some maps which are in completely closed spaces like Mine, LavaCave etc. which are impossible to glitch out of. Most of the maps on the server also have barriers placed blocking off any ways of going out of bounds, making it impossible to glitch out most of the time.

    After playing a lot of mega parkour, I became really good at finding shortcuts, new routes and strats on mega maps. This skill transferred over to regular parkour fairly well, however most maps with the exception of a couple already had leaderboard times which made use of every shortcut possible. So instead of trying to find shortcuts to get a good leaderboard time, I challenged myself to glitch out of every map. This required me to learn every game-mechanic (e.g. Swimming on the edge of water without dying), momentum setups, possible jumps etc. This improved not only my shortcut-finding skills, but also my parkour skills and my knowledge of Minecraft's game mechanics as well. With the exception of one map which I didn't show in this video, I'm fairly certain I've found every map with a way to glitch out of. So after finding all these ways out, I decided to make a video showing them. @CTech_Yt made some videos on glitching out of OITC maps, and I found them pretty interesting. So I decided to make one for the Parkour maps on the server.

    Note for Admins: Please do not remove any of the ways I used to glitch out of the maps if you can. It doesn't affect the gameplay in any game-breaking way, and can't be used to unfairly get leaderboard times. However if for whatever reason you do wish to remove them, I don't really care, it's just that it would be nice if these were kept. Just note that the ways used to glitch out of Eroded are used by almost every player on the leaderboard for the map, so it would be preferable for it not to be removed, otherwise those leaderboard times would also have to be removed. Additionally, do not block off the single neup jump after the 2nd checkpoint in The Falls which I used to glitch out of the map. It's also used in regular runs as a shortcut and everybody on the leaderboard for The Falls uses it.
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    Yupac, Yupac2 and Yupac3
    Really good video, I watched it all and I love it man, good job!
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    nice rs music :cool:
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    "If you can," implying that I have an animalistic impulse to prevent players from having harmless fun. Who do you think I am, Swiper? Offensive, truly.
    Also about the shortcut in Eroded, was gonna say this when u posted the WR run, but I actually fixed that map lol. A while ago, somebody had removed the grass block used to jump from the terrain back onto the last few jumps. Somebody pointed it out and I was like "Well, it's impossible to beat the current top records, so I'll just add it back." And then I did. Very cool story, I know, I know.
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    You never know what could happen lol, better to leave that on the thread than to not mention it and risk it. Happy to hear confirmation that you don't have animalistic impulses to remove all these though... lol
    I could've sworn it was removed, and I've been wondering this whole time if I just misremembered or if it was actually just left untouched lol. That explains why I was able to use it top get a top time on the leaderboard lol. Huge respects for adding the jump back rather than just removing the top times. (Same thing with the OITC maps/What Ezzerland said about keeping them for now). This is exactly how these decisions should be made, taking into account what the players generally want and what they find most enjoyable. Not to say this isn't how they're currently being made though lol.
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