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    The official ItsJerryAndHarry rules must be followed everywhere on the server, but there are some special rules that apply just to Factions.

    Breaking these rules may result in a strike for your faction, a ban, or potentially being disqualified from payouts and having your faction disbanded. Staff will typically offer a warning before issuing a strike as an opportunity to correct and learn from the issue. These will be done on a case by case basis and based on severity.

    As per the official rules: attempted abuse of the rules, glitching, or otherwise attempting to bypass, break or manipulate the rules to your favor outside of the spirit they are intended may result in strikes, bans, and/or DQ's from payout based on severity. It is your responsibility to understand the rules and game mechanics well enough to know what is a glitch and what is not.

    Factions Strike System
    1 strike
    = 15% reduced power for all remaining payouts
    2 strikes = 30% reduced power for all remaining payouts
    3 strikes = 50% reduced power for all remaining payouts
    4 strikes = DQ'd from the season. Your faction will automatically be turned over to the server and tagged for DQ. Your members will be removed from the faction and the faction claims will be untouchable.
    • Cannons that shoot faster than every 4 seconds or break cannon rules
    • Blowing up your own value when getting raided
    • Creating Alt Factions to bypass claim rules (plus claims will be removed)
    • Bitch Claims (plus claims will be removed)
    • Using Printer in Combat or Printer Patching during a raid
    • Gen Bucket Patching during Raids
    • Allying other factions (every faction for themselves!)
    • Inappropriate Faction Names/Descriptions/Titles
    • Breaking or otherwise abusing the spirit of the rules

    The whole point of Factions is to raid other Factions. Griefing other factions is allowed (except what falls under insiding).

    Insiding is not allowed and will result in a ban. Insiding is the act of betraying your own Faction, though our definition has been expanded to include abdnormal methods of breaching or otherwise falsely raiding an enemy. Gear, items or spawners that are used for a faction are immediately considered the property of the faction. If you leave your faction, you are not entitled to take "your things" with you. You must also remove your homes inside a faction if you are no longer in or allied to the faction (they will be forcefully removed upon request as well).
    Some examples of insiding may include:
    • Stealing spawners/items/blocks
    • Sabotaging faction claims or defenses
    • Purposely getting killed to make Faction overclaimable
    • Joining a faction with the sole purpose of raiding them
    • Teleporting enemies into the faction to allow them to raid
    • Logging out in an enemy faction claim during grace on alts to be able to get into their base later on that same alt without needing to breach
    • Using homes to get inside of a faction in order to raid it without breaching (no matter how the homes were acquired, be it a former faction you were in, or enemies or getting tp'd in)
    • Not bannable: Leaking info after leaving a Faction
    Splitting Faction for /f top
    Splitting up your Faction to get multiple prizes in /f top is not allowed and will result in both Factions being disqualified. Only 1 prize is allowed per Faction. Giving away money/items to a friend's Faction to help them win prizes is also not allowed.

    Faction Ally/Mergers
    Faction Ally features have been disabled. We believe that in the spirit of competition, it's every faction for themselves. Teaming during KOTHS or other events may result in a faction strike. Teaming during a raid may result in DQ and disbanding of your faction.

    For absolute clarity, this means that you cannot have your alts helping or in another faction. You cannot faction hop (leave and join a faction to help them). You are not allowed to have multiple factions. You cannot have another faction claim your territory to help keep it claimed/protected. You can't defend another faction who is capping KOTH or Outposts. You cannot Merge your faction with another faction after grace has ended. You cannot TP a different faction to raid another faction because you are unable to. You play for and with your faction only.

    You CAN target people in pvp outside of events and not target other factions. You just cannot help participate in faction based events on behalf of another faction. You CAN join another faction if your faction has been disqualified, but you may not inside your own faction to do so (it will follow the normal DQ and faction disband process). You CAN leave your faction and join another faction, but you may not take any items or equipment with you (see Insiding rules).

    Bitch Claiming
    Claiming land with the sole purpose of disrupting another faction currently setting up their base is not allowed during grace. Bitch claims reported during the grace period will be removed.

    When it comes to corners, bitch claims will be based on who owns the actual corner, not who claimed first. Again, bitch claiming rules only apply during grace.

    Oceaning your faction or another faction is not allowed during grace period. Doing so may result in a strike to your faction or if done to your own faction may be considered insiding and result in a temp ban.

    Corner Claiming
    A faction is only allowed to claim 1 corner during grace. You are only allowed to have 1 faction. You do not get to bypass this rule by attempting to claim multiple corners with multiple factions. Breaching this rule may result in all corner claims being removed and/or strikes being issued. If secondary factions are used to claim corners on your factions behalf, the secondary factions will be disbanded. Corner claim rules only apply during grace period. After grace ends, all bases are expected to have been formed and available corners may be used or claimed by anyone.

    Base/Farm Worlds
    Short and to the point - don't make bases/farms in the raiding outpost world. Only use the main worlds for that.

    Scamming is allowed, as long as it does not involve irl money. We provide ways to guarantee safe trading, for example using banknotes (/withdraw command) and /trade. Also, don't accept TP requests from players you do not trust.

    Cobble Monsters
    Creating cobblestone mountains outside of own territory will result in temporary ban (this shouldn't even be possible anymore).

    Blocking spawners / Spawner Boxes
    Spawners may not be covered in water/lava or other unbreakable blocks (obby, enchanting tables, etc). Spawners should automatically remove nearby liquids. If they are placed on the ground, they may be covered with c-eggable blocks, but if they are in the air, they must be unblocked.

    Spawners must have air or other spawners on at least 4 of their direct sides. Spawner boxes must be at least 16 x 16 x 48 (48 height) blocks in size (counting 1 layer of walls). Bigger is fine, smaller is not. You are limited to a maximum of two spawner boxes in your base. Blaze grinders do not count as spawner boxes

    Breaking this rule at time of payout will result in an automatic DQ, otherwise, it is a strike.

    Schematica Printer
    Using the Printer feature from the Schematica mod is allowed on Factions.
    Exception: Printing while in Combat or Patching builds during a raid using Printer is forbidden.

    If you are found to be using unlawful methods to grind MCMMO skills (macro/autoclicker/hack/whatever) your MCMMO stats will be wiped. Note: Some methods may also result in bans.
    Note: MCMMO is disabled during PVP.

    Autoclickers or Macros are not allowed on any server. You are permitted to hold down keys such as taping or weighting down a button ONLY if this do not interact with Living Entities, improve your MCMMO skills, or otherwise give you an unfair advantage. Auto-selling is not allowed. You want to earn money, be online.

    Payout DQ's
    If your faction leader/officers are banned for hacking or other severe reasons, the faction may be disqualified from payout.
    If your faction is found to have multiple hackers within it, it may be disqualified from payout.
    Remaining balances on previously received gift cards may be voided if the Faction is disqualified.
    If your faction is disqualified it will be disbanded and open for other factions to raid.

    25 chunk buffer
    Extending past your base you are allowed a 25 chunk buffer of walls. You may have a maximum of 3 chunks of f1nnster walls within your 25 chunk buffer.

    You may not exceed the chunk buffer by any means. Doing so will result in the extra claims/walls being forcefully removed. This also means you may not wilderness patch - you must patch within your claims. If you want to block an enemy cannon outside of your claim, build a counter cannon and destroy their cannon.

    First-time offenders will be given a faction strike. Repeat offenders may be DQ'd from payouts.

    GenBucket/Printer/Schematics patching during raid
    + While being raided you are not allowed to use Gen Buckets at all. You will be given an opportunity to do this in a post-raid protection period.
    + You are not allowed to use printer to print walls or printer-patch.
    + You are not allowed to use the schematic system as a way to print/gen walls or patches with its resource.
    + You are not allowed to wilderness patch to block a cannon from hitting your base (wall rules). If you want to block an enemy cannon outside of your claim, build a counter cannon and destroy their cannon.

    NOTE: A raid is only considered active if a cannon is being fired at the faction base or a breach has happened and there is active combat/looting ongoing within the faction claims. This means that if a cannon has blown or disabled and is no longer firing and a breach has not occurred, gen patching will be allowed. If you wish to report for gen patching, you must be able to prove a raid was actively in progress! The system auto-supports this with the Lockdown system, so please review that below for more details!

    Raid Claims
    Keep your raid claims clean. You don't need a 50 chunk space to raid your enemy. The base size of your cannon and 2 chunks in each direction for walls (you can only have 20 walls in one direction) is more than enough. Having any more may result in your claims being removed.

    Cannon Rules
    • Cannons may not fire faster than once every 3 seconds. Similarly, they may not break walls faster than 1 wall every 3 seconds. If your cannon shoots faster, your Faction will receive a strike.
    • One cannon can only break one wall at a time. Multi-wall shot cannons are not allowed.
    • Horizontal nuking is not allowed and may result in automatic payout DQ's based on the severity of damage. That means most Anti-Patch (AP) cannons are not permitted.
    • Roof cannons are not allowed (and should be blocked already)
    • If you are under the protection of /f shield, you cannot cannon another faction from a buffer box. Attempting to bypass this will result in a strike.
    • You may not use multiple cannons to bypass the cannon rules. Only one cannon should be firing at a faction base during an active raid. Attempts to abuse this rule by having other factions "raid you" in order to prevent a real raid will result in automatic DQ from payouts.
    • Raid Cannons have a 20 wall max buffer.
    • Countering can only attack 1 side of a cannon box at a time. You cannot fire multiple cannons at a cannon box.
    • If your Raid Cannon is destroyed, you are not allowed to switch to another cannon to continue raiding. You must wait until after Lockdown PROTECTION phase has ended to use a different cannon. You ARE allowed to repair and use the same cannon if it can be done before the 15 minute RAID lockdown is still in play. Once protection starts, you must wait for protection to end to fire your cannon.
    • Rev cannons that can be shot at any y level and still nuke up to 255 height are not permitted under any circumstances.
    • EXCEPTION: Small scatter cannons (that do not shoot sand, cannot break walls, and are designed to just damage crops/cactus farms after a breach) may shoot faster than every 3s if using less than 20 tnt for power.

    Factions has a raid system designed to bring balance to raids.

    When a cannon explodes in a faction claim, the faction is placed on lockdown. Lockdown announces to the attacked faction that a raid has been detected and that lockdown is enabled.

    Phase 1: Lockdown
    Lockdown lasts for 15 minutes after the last cannon blast within a claim was detected.
    During lockdown, ability to use tools (trench, harvester hoes, tray, etc) , gen buckets, as well as ability to mine spawners is blocked. The faction being raided is also warned about blowing value being a strike worth offense. Schematics are blocked inside of faction claims, but not in the wild.

    Phase 2: Protection
    If 15 minutes passes with no apparent cannon explosions within a raid claim, the raided faction will be placed into a protection phase. This phase will last for 15 minutes.
    During protection, this faction is made peaceful. Its members cannot be attacked, it cannot be raided, and it has protection to recover from the raid.
    Gen buckets are enabled during this time and genning walls is permitted.

    Note: Abuse of the lockdown system (putting yourself in lockdown or having someone put you in lockdown to avoid an incoming raid, abusing raid detection to keep a faction in lockdown when your cannon is blown or without the use of a cannon, using the protection period to act like a shield while you raid, putting a faction in lockdown without intent to raid or to intentionally prevent them participating in other ongoing faction events, using protection to cap outposts/koth or any other form of unintended use) will result in automatic DQ from the season.

    Faction Names/Descriptions
    Faction Names and Descriptions must remain within the rules of our general chat guidelines. Repeat offenders will be issued a faction strike. Most inappropriate faction names are blocked and a very strong word of caution issued if attempted. We suggest you don't try.

    Name sniping is also not allowed. If you are a proven owner of the faction from the previous faction season (prior seasons will be ignored), then you have the right to request your faction name be taken from whoever has it and be given back to you during grace period only.

    Name sniping can also be fully prevented by pre-registering your faction. This can be done in the faction announcement thread (instructions will be given in the thread, follow them explicitly to have your faction name pre-reserved).

    You cannot create new factions after grace. You cannot change your faction name after grace period ends, so make sure that by the time grace ends you have finalized your faction and your faction name.

    Lag Machines/AFK Farms
    Any/All large Redstone circuits that generate faction lag will be broken and removed. The factions found creating them may receive strikes or alternate punishments.
    Similarly, automated farms that generate large amounts of lag (piston farms, etc) will be blocked/removed when discovered and should be reported immediately. We have probably blocked all of these, but if we didn't, you should know AFK farms that create server lag are not allowed.
    Exception: Cannons are exempt from this lag machine rule as long as they follow cannon guidelines. Cannons found that do create large lag may be investigated as they have not been an issue previously and may be seen as an intentional bypass of this rule.

    Block Glitching
    Block glitching is not allowed. This includes placing blocks to jump in world protected areas where the block is given back to you to "jump on air" or "skip on water". This includes breaking blocks to cegg in spots that you would otherwise not be able to.
    Exception: Attacking people through closed doors in protected areas is permitted.

    Duping/Glitch Abuse
    Anyone found duping will be Blacklisted from the server. Factions with blacklisted players are immediately DQ'd and these factions will be disbanded. If a dupe is identified, report it immediately. Same goes for any other severe forms of glitch abuse.

    • Spawners must be placed in and remain in claimed land for 24 hours in order to count toward F-Top value. If spawners are ever unclaimed, the spawners must be broken and placed in claimed land to count. Just claiming the land the spawners are in will no longer count toward F-Top.
    • F-Top now finds the chunk with the most value and only counts value within a 10 chunk radius so ALL value must be within 10 chunks of your highest value chunk.
    • Spawners cannot be placed below y=45 (system prevented to ensure it's not possible)
    • Your main value chunk must be inside a base that is protected by at least 10 chunks of walls
    • Spawners must not be blocked up and must have air or other spawners on at least 4 of their direct sides (see blocking spawners rules above).
    • Bases cannot be in raiding outpost world and must be in the main world.
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