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    The official ItsJerryAndHarry rules must be followed everywhere on the server, but there are some special rules that apply just to Factions.

    Breaking these rules may result in a strike for your faction, a ban, or potentially being disqualified from payouts. Staff will typically offer a warning before issuing a strike as an opportunity to correct and learn from the issue. These will be done on a case by case basis and based on severity.

    As per the official rules: attempted abuse of the rules, glitching, or otherwise attempting to bypass, break or manipulate the rules to your favor outside of the spirit they are intended may result in strikes, bans, and/or DQ's from payout based on severity. It is your responsibility to understand the rules and game mechanics well enough to know what is a glitch and what is not.

    Factions Strike System
    1 strike
    = 15% reduced power for all remaining payouts
    2 strikes = 30% reduced power for all remaining payouts
    3 strikes = 50% reduced power for all remaining payouts
    • Cannons that shoot faster than every 4 seconds or break cannon rules
    • Blowing up your own value when getting raided
    • Creating Alt Factions to bypass claim rules (plus claims will be removed)
    • Bitch Claims (plus claims will be removed)
    • Using Printer in Combat or Printer Patching during a raid
    • Gen Bucket Patching during Raids
    • 2nd offense Inappropriate Faction Names/Descriptions
    • Breaking or otherwise abusing the spirit of the rules

    The whole point of Factions is to raid other Factions. Griefing other factions is allowed (except what falls under insiding).

    Insiding is not allowed and will result in a ban. Insiding is the act of betraying your own Faction. Gear, items or spawners that are used for a faction are immediately considered the property of the faction. If you leave your faction, you are not entitled to take "your things" with you. You must also remove your homes inside a faction if you are no longer in or allied to the faction (they will be forcefully removed upon request as well).
    Some examples of insiding may include:
    • Stealing spawners/items/blocks
    • Sabotaging faction claims or defenses
    • Purposely getting killed to make Faction overclaimable
    • Joining a faction with the sole purpose of raiding them
    • Teleporting enemies into the faction to allow them to raid
    • Using homes to get inside of a faction in order to raid it without breaching (no matter how the homes were acquired, be it former allies, former faction you were in, or enemies)
    • Not bannable: Leaking info after leaving a Faction
    Splitting Faction for /f top
    Splitting up your Faction to get multiple prizes in /f top is not allowed and will result in both Factions being disqualified. Only 1 prize is allowed per Faction. Giving away money/items to a friend's Faction to help them win prizes is also not allowed.

    Bitch Claiming
    Claiming land with the sole purpose of disrupting another faction currently setting up their base is not allowed during grace. Bitch claims reported during the grace period will be removed.

    Corner Claiming
    A faction is only allowed to claim 1 corner.

    Scamming is allowed, as long as it does not involve irl money. We provide ways to guarantee safe trading, for example using banknotes (/withdraw command) and /trade. Also, don't accept TP requests from players you do not trust.

    Cobble Monsters
    Creating cobblestone mountains outside of own territory will result in temporary ban

    Blocking spawners
    Spawners may not be covered in water/lava or other unbreakable blocks (obby, enchanting tables, etc). Spawners should automatically remove nearby liquids

    Schematica Printer
    Using the Printer feature from the Schematica mod is allowed on Factions.
    Exception: Printing while in Combat or Patching builds during a raid using Printer is forbidden.

    If you are found to be using unlawful methods to grind MCMMO skills (macro/autoclicker/hack/whatever) your MCMMO stats will be wiped. Note: Some methods may also result in bans.
    Note: MCMMO is disabled during PVP.

    Autoclickers or Macros are not allowed on any server. Using sell wands on chests with held down keys that function similar to an autoclicker will be permitted ONLY if they do not interact with Living Entities, improve your MCMMO skills, or otherwise give you an unfair advantage.

    Payout DQ's
    If your faction leader/officers are banned for hacking or other severe reasons, the faction may be disqualified from payout.
    If your faction is found to have multiple hackers within it, it may be disqualified from payout.
    Remaining balances on previously received gift cards may be voided if the Faction is disqualified.
    First disqualification: One week
    Second disqualification: Whole season

    25 chunk buffer
    Extending past your base you are allowed a 25 chunk buffer of walls. You may not exceed the chunk buffer by any means. Doing so will result in the extra claims/walls being forcefully removed.
    First-time offenders will be given a faction strike. Repeat offenders may be DQ'd from payouts.

    GenBucket patching during raid
    It is not allowed to patch walls using GenBucket while being raided.

    A raid is only considered active if a cannon is being fired at the faction base or a breach has happened and there is active combat/looting ongoing within the faction claims.

    Cannon Rules
    • Cannons may not fire faster than once every 4 seconds. Similarly, they may not break walls faster than 1 wall every 4 seconds. If your cannon shoots faster, your Faction will receive a strike.
    • One cannon can only break one wall at a time. Multi-wall shot cannons are not allowed.
    • Horizontal nuking is not allowed and may result in automatic payout DQ's based on the severity of damage.
    • You may not use multiple cannons to bypass the cannon rules. Only one cannon should be firing at a faction base during an active raid. Attempts to abuse this rule by having other factions "raid you" in order to prevent a real raid will result in automatic DQ from payouts.
    • Raid Cannons have a 20 wall max buffer.
    • If your Raid Cannon is destroyed, you must wait 30 minutes before you may start another cannon.
    • EXCEPTION: Small scatter cannons (that do not shoot sand, cannot break walls, and are designed to just damage crops/cactus farms after a breach) may shoot faster than every 4s.

    Faction Names/Descriptions
    Faction Names and Descriptions must remain within the rules of our general chat guidelines. Repeat offenders will be issued a faction strike.

    Name sniping is also not allowed. If you are a proven owner of the faction from the previous faction season (prior seasons will be ignored), then you have the right to request your faction name be taken from whoever has it and be given back to you during grace period only.

    Lag Machines
    Any/All large Redstone circuits that generate faction lag will be broken and removed. The factions found creating them may receive strikes or alternate punishments.
    Exception: Cannons are exempt from this lag machine rule as long as they follow cannon guidelines. Cannons found that do create large lag may be investigated as they have not been an issue previously and may be seen as intentional bypass of this rule.

    • Spawners must be placed in and remain in claimed land for 24 hours in order to count toward F-Top value. If spawners are ever unclaimed, the spawners must be broken and placed in claimed land to count. Just claiming the land the spawners are in will no longer count toward F-Top.
    • F-Top now finds the chunk with the most value and only counts value within a 10 chunk radius so ALL value must be within 10 chunks of your highest value chunk.
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