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    Decided to share a few more of my drawings that I have, Hope you guys like them.

    Random Drawings
    These are drawings that don't really follow a certain theme, but are stuff I drew that are relative to my Interests and stuff like that.

    Horror Icons-Michael Myers

    Horror Icons Myers.png

    Horror Icons- Regan (The Exorcist)

    Horror Icons Regan.png

    Redstone Mecha
    Redstone Mecha.png

    Steve's Invitation to Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    Steve in Smash.png

    This I drew as a Celebration when they announced that he was coming to smash, I think he deserved a spot there on the roster and as a Minecraft fan this made me overjoyed.

    Original Creature- Solarva


    These were an original creation of Mine, the Solarvas which were spacefaring creatures that fed on the energy of stars and were gargantuan in size, they later become Solmoths which were just as massive but way more beautiful.

    10 Years of playing Minecraft

    Minecraft 10 years of Playing drawing.png
    This I made as a Commemoration for playing MC for 10 years, back in july of 2012, it's funny how this game has been around in my life for over a decade now, I feel like an old man compared to all the new people coming into the fanbase lol

    Pointless Picture!
    Pointless Picture.png

    Now this I made as a jab towards NFTs, which I absolutely hate as an artist especially when they were popular, but now that they're dead in the water I'd say its time to show this.

    More Update Comics

    Minecraft cave update comic Warden 2.jpg

    Minecraft cave update comic Warden part 2.png

    Cave Update Comic part 3 3D.jpg

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