Adjust ELO calculation when game ends due to player leaving

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Do you think the ELO system should change so that only the person leaving loses ELO?

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  1. civeberg

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    EDIT: This might belong more to the suggestions thread than OITC. I don't know how to move posts so if a mod wants to move this to suggestions feel free to.

    I am suggesting that the ELO system be tweaked slightly, when a game ends due to a player leaving.

    So, let's say there's a game going on and this is the scoreboard:

    nixisawesome - 16
    civeberg - 15
    LunarNova - 14
    With the way it functions currently, if I were to leave the game at this point, LunarNova would lose elo as if he had came in second to nix. The problem with this system is that in most games, LunarNova would end up winning even if the score is briefly in mine or nix's favor. When scores are close like this the outcome of the game is impossible to predict, so I don't think the ELO system should.

    I am proposing that in situations like this, no one should lose any elo except the person leaving the game. Nixisawesome should still receive ELO for being in the lead when the game ended, but the system shouldn't take away from LunarNova, because he may have won if the game had continued.

    For another example:
    I've witnessed a few games this week where players have left a game after lets say a bronze player gets 7 kills
    while a diamond player has 6.

    ANT_MAN - 7
    Groofer - 6
    Shadowfire8757 - 3 
    Let's say it was set up like this. Now statistically speaking, Groofer, who is a diamond/emerald player would have won that game. if Shadowfire8757 leaves, he causes Groofer to lose ELO unnecessarily just because he was one kill behind. Since ANT_MAN is also bronze, the amount of ELO Groofer could lose could be pretty significant, and take multiple games just to gain back.

    I think the way it should work is like this:
    1. The current winner gains ELO as if he had won the game.
    3. The middle player's ELO would calculate out as normal, but if it's negative it automatically becomes +0.
    3. The player leaving the game leaves ELO as if he came in last.

    This is how the current system would (more or less) calculate the ELO.
    ANT_MAN +12 ELO
    LunarNova -24 ELO
    Shadowfire8757 -12 ELO
    This is how I think it should be calculated.
    ANT_MAN +12 ELO
    LunarNova +0 ELO
    Shadowfire8757 -12 ELO
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  2. LunarNova

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    I've encountered this many times, and it is very annoying when a bronze player decides to leave a game whenever the game is already ranked.

    I agree with this suggestion, +1
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  3. iGhostify

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    +1 epic idea
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  4. zoom

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    I like this idea. It will also somewhat fix people purposely leaving when someone gets 5 kills to drain elo from a top player
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  5. nixisawesome


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    Please yes: I lost 60 ELO due to sabotagers
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