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    Hey everybody.

    It's no secret that I've been inactive for a while but I never felt like it was really time to leave, but as I grow less and less interested in minecraft and my life becomes busier and busier I felt like it was time to let go. Even when I made a status I felt like I needed to come back for one reason; there are some people here who, primarily behind closed doors, helped me through hard times and made me happy. I'd feel like I'm robbing them without saying a thank you and goodbye.
    In no particular order...

    @sebastiann - You’ve been there since the start; before I was staff you were one of my first friends and even though we don’t talk as much as we used to I’m thankful for every second I had talking to you. Skype calls that lasted all day in the summer of ‘14, us both as staff, and everything after and in between. Thank you for being such a great friend.

    @Radii - We both know how I got staff and a part of me has always felt guilty for that. I’m not sure if I ever told you I’m sorry but I am. Even with that you didn’t turn against me or throw hate at me, and you were there for me when I was suspended and helped me get through that very hard emotional time. You talked to me, a kid who nobody knew, because that’s just who you are; somebody who cares. Thank you for always being there for me and for being such a good role model for everybody in the community.

    @Yomc - I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; thank you for being there for me when I needed it. We didn’t always see eye to eye but you never did anything to purposely harm me or the community and you always were there to help me and anybody else who needed it. I appreciate what you did for me, thank you. Also good luck writing poetry, I wish you the best of luck in pursuing your passions.

    @Caity - I miss you and I hope you’re okay. You were always one of my best friends here and through ups and downs you always brought a smile to my face when we would talk. You were always there for me during the best times and the worst times and I never had to feel alone. Thank you for being such an amazing friend and I hope you’re doing something now that makes you happy.

    @YFIOTR - Before I say anything nice about this kid I just want everybody who thinks of him as an OITC legend to know that I have a 7-5 record against him in 1v1’s so really I’m the legend, yeah that’s right. Anyway, Evan, you’re amazing. You’re an inspiration to us all and your perseverance got you all the way to the top and now you’re off to even bigger and better things. You always kept it real and I could rely on you in every sense of the phrase. Thanks for being awesome.

    @Emma - Thanks for never letting me drown like a ladybug, I appreciate that. You were always caring and gave your friends everything even when you felt like you had nothing. You’d support your friends and comfort them when you were dying for comfort yourself. You always wanted to make everything okay and I can’t thank you enough for that.

    @Sofie - Side note: thanks for making me a reindeer skin that I’ve used for what, 2, 3 years now? It’s beautiful. Moving on; you’re so fun to talk to. You’d light up a teamspeak channel that was otherwise dead and you always were there to make people happy. You refused to let us lose contact and I appreciate that, I’m glad we still talk (somewhat). You’re awesome, thank you for always being a source of joy for me and so many others.

    @MisfittedCow - I remember talking to you when I was at my lowest of lows and you, not even in the best place yourself, still were there to support me. When I’d leave and come back you were still there to talk to me and never let me feel like a stranger. Thank you for always caring and being such a great friend.

    @MC_Scout - Thanks for never giving up on me and always seeing the best in so many people. Even when I hardly was playing you wanted me to reapply and you’d hype me up to do so. It didn't matter if I was Mod+ and you weren’t staff or vise versa; the way we spoke never changed. You still called me words that are offensive so I won’t type here and I’d always tell you to shut the fuck up. Thank you for being the nicest McDonald's employee I’ve never met. In my book you’re employee of the month every month.

    @Slevin - I remember running around a creative 1 plot of mine where I’d just finished a train track that ran through a mountain and a wall around the edge that looks horrible and I remember you talking to me for hours helping me through what was a very hard time for me. I still remember the quote you told me that had been dying words given to you, and you’ve done nothing but live up to it. You were always there to put a smile on my face and force out a laugh even when I felt like I was going to cry. The only thing better than your eyebrows is your heart, and I’m happy I got to be your friend.

    @NickerPan - You’re always excited about something, I swear. I’ve never spoken with you and not have enjoyed doing so. The things we built together are some of my favorite builds ever and the memories we made together are just the same. Thank you for always having been a good friend and somebody I can always talk to.

    @TheMint - It’s funny, when I first saw what you looked like it was exactly what I’d always imagined: hot strong. You always worked hard and still made time to be a friend to a mere helper like myself as you soared up the ranks. You set a standard for what a staff member to be that I’d say is still something to strive for today. Behind that you were still an amazing friend and somebody reliable, yes, in every sense. Thanks for being you.

    @Electric_Demon - This long-gone robot was like a son to me. I wanted to protect him and raise him right but in the end he succeeded even without me there; he did more than I ever did, and I honestly think he might have had a bigger impact on the server and staff team than I ever did. I hope he did. Electric, you’d hang out with me when nobody else would. You saw me at by best and at my worst and even if you judged me you never told me I was bad. You were somebody who I could always talk to and that meant a lot to me. I miss you, you silly robot. Thank you.

    I’d also like to thank a group of people, and you know who you are, who I didn’t always get along with. We would sometimes talk but a lot of the time I felt out of place. I didn’t feel like I had friends but you guys would (most of the time) let me hang out with you guys anyway. There was drama, petty moves by both sides, but when I sank to my lowest of lows it wasn’t just my friends by my side; you all were some of the first to ask if I was okay, some of the first to come to my aid. I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you but I hadn’t cried until you all asked if I was okay. It meant so much to me that people that I didn’t even always get along with were still there for me, not leaving me out to dry. I remember crying and looking at the messages in-game and mumbling “What did I do to deserve such good friends” through the tears over and over. I appreciate that you all cared enough to ask me if I was okay and gave me a place to hang out during that hard time even if we weren’t always on the greatest of terms. Thank you.
    You can say “hey that was me” if you want but you don’t have to, I just wanted to let you all know how much that meant to me.
    That moment really is such a good representation of the community through, isn’t it? As much as people complain about the community everybody here is like a big family and although we have our ups and downs in the end everybody here will always have each others backs. I hope that stays until the end, it’s what made this server feel like my second home for so many years.

    I have so many friends here and trust me, it’s not a case of “sorry if I forgot you,” it’s a “I’ve made hundreds of friends over the years here, all of whom are important to me and deserving of praise.” I haven’t forgotten any of you and I never will, and don’t think I’m mentioning the people above because I think they’re better or more important, it’s because I want everybody else to know what they did for me behind the scenes that might not have been known. I appreciate every minute I spent talking to all of you and I’m glad I spent that time here and not anywhere else.

    I was going through older posts on my profile page today and I got a bit teary eyed looking back at posts from when I was demoted and so many people; friends, acquaintances, and some people I hardly even knew leaving kind words for me. Birthday wishes that were sent when I wasn’t even around; people just remembered and wanted to leave a message. I can’t describe how much everything the people of the community have done for me and to put it simply I do believe this server shaped who I am today and I can’t say thank you all enough for that.

    If you want to keep in touch with me or would like to say something private that you don’t want on this thread or my profile page my discord, b.net, and snapchat are all in my info page. And who knows, maybe I’ll stop by sometime to say hi and maybe kick some ass in OITC or build in creative with the countless friends I’ve made there.

    Thank you everybody, I love all of you. And as always, have a great day. Cya <3
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    This server may not live for much longer, but it will rest in hundreds of hearts forever.

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    I completely understand why you're leaving. I feel like I'm getting near that point as well, but I want to give it one last push to leave this place in a memorable point in my life. You know, a time to move on.

    I appreciate what you wrote so so much, it really shows how amazing you are. You're super talented, hard working (like you described me), and it was clear to a lot of people that being staff wasn't an honor rank for you, it was a passion. You truly wanted and truly succeeded to make a change.

    I'm going to miss you a lot Heatgurl.
    Good luck in life, your potential is insane and I'm sure you're going to get far.
    Love you <3
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    It really pains me to see all my friends leave slowly but at least we have stuff we can talk through. See you around HeatBae <3