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    Have you had a really bad experience and want to share it?

    You're welcome to share it here.

    My recent worst experience:

    So back in June, I was about to move to Spain, but before then I had to spend some time with some of my other family members. On Sunday, the day before we left, we (not ME) had decided to go to a Spanish church. We went to this church, and it was in the... ghetto, which is not the problem at all, the problem was, I am an atheist.

    We sat down and the session began. I was so bored, I couldn't even understand what they were saying, I was tired, and I was just totally dead.

    I had 2 little cousins that adore me, we were all just basically bored out of our minds. All of a sudden, 2 babies started crying, the kid in front of us was climbing over the church seats (wtf) and people were eating food in the church (with their mouth open like disgusting rats).

    This went on for the entire session of 1 hour.

    Despite the fact it was funny, we got out of the church, finally, and decided to call an Uber. The Uber literally couldn't find us. It drove past our location over 5 times, and when it finally got to us it nearly cancelled the trip.

    This story was the worst experience of 2017 so far.

    So what is your worst experience of 2017?
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    Okay so it's not my most recent but it's ranking in my worst experiences..

    So I think it was like winter and the snow had melted and there were GIANT puddles of water (duh, what else) everywhere.
    I was on my way to school and I had just got out of the metro, tram whatever.
    I had to cross the roads but like this LAKE of water (again, duh) was in front of me and I couldn't go around it since, well I'd get run over lol.
    Whilst I was figuring out a way to cross, this bus comes down the road.
    And drives into the mahoosive puddle with me standing on the pavement, next to it.


    Water is literally spewed everywhere, including on me.

    So I get to class, late. And soaked in dirty, grubby, COLD, water.

    It was humiliating and just... cliché.
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    This is pretty long. Okay so, there was this "Senior trip" to this YMCA Frost Valley for the 8th graders that almost none of them signed up for. So I thought why not go because my friends were going. We were warned that there was no service or WiFi available for us. That means we can't call or text ANYONE.
    My friend and I were so excited to see that we were arriving to the camp ground, and to see our service on our phones go down. We got out and the staff took our suit cases in this little truck. They DROVE up a really steep hill while we had to walk. I am not a hiking person at all, so it was basically hell for me.
    We get to the cabins and I cannot forget the feeling of laying down. We had to go out hiking a few minutes after we got there and got settled. We meet our "tour guide" and he says he has "activities" for us.
    We're in the middle of the woods, everything was muddy and slippery. He said this was a way to learn how animals fight and gather food for the winter. So, he threw pokerchips in random directions and told us to find them and try and find a hiding spot for them ONE AT A TIME. So, I see a pokerchip right near a pile of leaves. I RUN to the pokerchip and slipped on the leaves and land, butt first, in a pile of watery mud. All I did was laugh because it was more funny than anything.
    Later that day, to get back for lunch, we had to cross this wire with a net under it. I was very nervous and, being me, I fell into the net, got back up (with help) and nearly RAN to the end of it, shaking.
    The next day was worse. We had to wake up at 7:30 AM to get ready for breakfast and go hiking. We met our tour guide and he had this awesome British accent my friend and I LOVED so much. We went by a waterfall and, being me, almost fell a couple of times. While heading back, I fall, again, twisting my ankle. I didn't laugh, I cried because all I felt was embarrassment and pain. It SUCKED hiking back because my ankle hurt like crazy. We arrived at the lunch table and my teacher, who is really nice, pulled me over and asked me if I wanted to go to the nurse. I declined because I didn't want to be alone. I just said I was fine and went back to eating the food they served us. We had to go back to hiking after lunch and I never knew how hard it was to hike 6 miles with a twisted ankle. Luckily, I found this stick I used as my "walking stick" and it helped me A LOT. That night, I fell asleep earlier than the others and closed the door and left the light on, thinking when my "bunk-buddy" comes in to go to sleep, she'd be able to see. The door apparently locked itself and she wasn't able to get in. Someone had to pick the lock with her glasses.
    Walking wasn't pleasant but I did it anyway. So, it was the last day there and I made a HUGE mistake. I ate Bran Cereal at breakfast because all they served was bacon and I am not a bacon person at all. I forgot that one, I am lactose intolerant and two, Bran Cereal makes people go to the bathroom. I don't want to get into TOO much detail about what happened but it was bad.
    Honestly, those 3 days are unforgettable. I wasn't expecting to climb really steep hills for 3 days just to go eat a meal... Sorry if this is a lot, that trip was a mess and I can't sum it all up in one sentence.
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    Last year I fell off my bike in Newfoundland and my bike was squished over my leg. I was stuck there for 5 minutes in the middle of the road crying for my mum. 5 minutes go by and the bugs gather like I'm a monument. Then she finally comes out and helps me.

    And the miraculous part is, I was barely hurt. A bloody scrape on my right leg (somehow, even though it was my left leg that took most of the heat) is all.
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    The only bad moments for me are my parents yelling at me to get my shit together so I can go to college...

    Other than that, life is great.
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    Well. On 27th of May, Saturday. We were on our way to Scotland for a Holiday. We need to drive a little fast when we stopped for lunch because there was a storm racing us, we thought it was gone so I put my magnetic beads away, turned my anime/minecraft music on. It was fine for 5 minutes until a lighting strike was at my window, almost killing us. This is actually more like a death experience more than a worst experience. Well, my worst experience. The holidays, I get shouted at for nothing..
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    Hi, I have another bad experience.

    SO it turns out that I learned that dogs can't eat chocolate the hard way, (no my dog didn't die, she's very healthy and she is fine years later) yet 7 year old me decided to feed her some chocolate because she looked desperate.

    My dog is a small chihuahua, long hair, if I have a picture I will post it in a Spoiler at the end, she is probably the cutest dog you have ever seen.
    So before we went on a long trip to Texas, I gave her chocolate, and she was sitting on her lap.

    Long story short she threw up on my mom over 7 times and my mom had to get out of the car and change in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere.

    It was bad, for her, lol.
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    Ok here we go

    So I had just gotten promoted from 8th grade, and my friend was having a graduation party, so i went.
    There was a lot of food there, and they had a HUGE hamburger buffet thing, so naturally, being the foodie I am, I went nuts. I ate a good 3 cheeseburgers, and regretted it later.

    My stomach was hurting really bad, and I was starting to feel nauseous, but I just tried to not think about it.

    So we hung out in the backyard for a little bit, swinging on her swing set, when my friends starting spinning me around. I think you can tell where this is going. As I started spinning around when they let go, I started to SERIOUSLY felt like I was going to throw up. They started spinning me again. I tried to tell them not to, but I already started spinning.

    As I was spinning, I began to throw up, literally spraying vomit on both of my friends. I stood up off the swing and tried running to the bathroom, and threw up again on the steps leading to their back door.

    One of my friends who I threw up on, threw up a little bit herself. It was an endless chain. I sat on the step and began to cry, and both my friends kept gagging. So by the end there was throw up everywhere.

    Her mom cleaned it all up, and keep in mind it was like 12:00 am. I never went over to either of their houses again, since I was so embarrassed. I still cringe ALOT when I tell this story.

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    Stepping on a nail and losing feeling in the bottom of my left foot.
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    When I was younger I went to a hotel but the problem with this hotel was that it would have sudden power cuts or surges I'm not sure and all the power would go out for about 30 seconds and then would turn back on. Well as I was young and childish (and still am) I went to hide in the lift ready for my parents to come along and press the button so Incouod jump out and scare them.
    Well it completely backfired, I waited in the lift and then the power went out, the lift moved downwards and the lights went out and an emergency light from one of the buttons flickered on.
    I was only in there for 30 seconds but if you count 30 seconds and imagine that I was quite young and how long that would've felt in reality while stuck in a lift it was really scary.
    May seem weird to some of you but different people get scared in different ways.
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    I was having my first encounter with winter months ago in my trip to Bursa, Turkey.
    The bus just arrive on one of the historical mosques. I was just too excited to touch ice and snow, I didn't realize there's floor outside the mosque. I slipped and land on my butt, it was painful as fuck
    I rate my trip 9/10 lel
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    Okay, so this is the story of the time I ALMOST DIED.

    It is just one of those events that I remember when it happened, along with being precise with every single detail. It happened at 8:15 PM on December 13, 2014. I was 11 at the time. (I'm 14 now.)

    So two days earlier, me, my twin brother, and our two friends who were also brothers (They were 9 and 10 at the time), decided to have a sleepover at my house. I remember being so excited, because their parents rarely let them have a sleepover.
    Prior to the sleepover, my Dad told us that there was gonna be a meteor shower the night of the sleepover around 8:20 PM. We decided that the 5 of us would all go together to see it.
    However that night, my Dad had something unexpected come up, and he said that he would have to miss it, however he gave us flashlights and said we could bike over to the park and see it.
    We arrive at the park at 8:05. We decided to walk up a grassy hill and watch the meteor shower from there. Us being kids, we quickly got bored of waiting for it to start and decided to roll down the hill, climb back up, and roll back down, and so on. We do this for about 10 minutes.
    At this point, my brother spotted a pick-up truck driving down the road, and announces it to us, which I am so f###### glad for.
    Honestly, I have no idea what happened next, from what my brother told me, the car grazed a pole, and then jumped the curb and began driving towards us at around 30 MPH.
    One of my friends (the younger one) had noticed this danger, while me and the older friend were mid-roll down the hill. The other two were screaming at us, and then as I began to get up, confused the car passes by within 6 inches from my face.
    My other friend was even closer to death, as if he had started rolling down the hill one nanosecond later, he would have been hit.
    I then run as fast as I can to the top of the hill, but the car then turns around and comes back towards my older friend, who had now just gotten up and was running back towards us.
    Luckily, he was aware and quick, because the truck missed again, but only by about a foot.
    Now all of us were at the top, huddled together, when the truck tries to come back at us a third time. Once again, the driver missed, this time by a lot. What was weird about this attempt is that there were screaming female voices, and the driver was male.
    The truck then went into the direction of the woods and tried to get on to the footpath, however none of us knew how successful he was at that, because we all had sprinted down the hill and into the safety of the Men's Bathroom, and using my friend's phone (My parents didn't get me a phone until I turned 12), we called 911, and decided to let me do the talking.
    The police showed up around 8:30, and we explained what happened, and they let us go home. We arrived home at 8:45, and told our parents about what had just happened.
    I did have to go to the police station a few days later to release some formal stuff, and from what I had heard, the driver was arrested on four charges, Sexual Assult, Rape, Kidnapping (Those were from the girls in the car), and then both my family and their [my friend's] family decided to press charges on the account of Attempted Murder. Apparently the guy confessed everything and refused to go to court, accepting his jail time (which I don't know how long he is serving for), and leaving us with the memory of that night.
    Also, when we got home, we had huge plans to stay up until 2 AM, but we were all just so exhausted that we just immediately went to bed.

    So yeah, I rate that experience a -178/10.
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    I stepped on a lego brick
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    Expedect & ExpeIsALoser

    my life when I was 8
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    drank a 1.5 litre of strawbee milk and wanted to vomit for like 3 hrs
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    I stepped on a Duplo block
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    In March, our school had our Middle School Play. It was "Once Upon A Matress." A little earlier, in 2016, I auditioned for the role of the Queen. I got the part.
    For the first months of practicing, we went by smoothly.
    What happened for the final performance?
    While the play was in session, I, as the queen, was walking on stage.
    Earlier, I had been given these insane heels, which were like... two sized too big for me.
    I had twisted my foot, lost my balance and fell onto my face, and my nose was bleeding like hell. They eventually cancelled the play for that Saturday.
    It was pretty embarrassing. I got blood all over the dress I had to wear, and my music teacher's heels I was wearing.
    We had another performance on Sunday, and I didn't mess up that time. But, I was still really embarassed. So, I brought my own heels and refused to wear my music teacher's.
    It was a long weekend.
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    [Happened before 2017 but still has an effect on me to this day]

    Well, I can pretty much wrap it all up pretty short:

    Someone (who I really thought I could trust, since ive been friends with that person for a long time) leaked all my information, and also some private things onto a public forum and also to their friends.

    I thankfully got some things removed but I still can't really be active on that other Forum since people still remember some things, altough that happened over 1 year ago.

    tl:dr I have issues trusting people since that happened. :/
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    I slapped a girls butt and she reported me to the teachers for sexual assault. i laid in my bed thinking "lool she wasnt even thicc what was i thiccing"