The End.

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    Hi all,

    DISCLAIMER: Before this post starts, I'd like to mention that some of the things I'm going to say may be controversial, but I am not trying to attack anyone in this thread, rather speak my mind on some issues.

    My time on this server has finally come. This server has been good to me (most of the time) throughout the 6-7 years of playing, but it's finally time to say goodbye. I decided to make this post to explain why I'm leaving.

    Without any interruption, here we go.

    Embracive, why are you leaving?

    I'm leaving J&H because I've had enough. As a starting point, I want to remind you all how old Minecraft actually is. The game was released on the 17th May, 2009. The game is so boring now and I am pretty sure most of you reading this will think the same. On top of this, Jerry and Harry, for me, is boring now. I've been essentially been doing the same thing for years now, logging on, hanging around in either SG, Creative or some other minigames (Temple Run was my favourite for the OGs wondering). In reality, J&H hasn't changed too much since then. This isn't exact a bad thing, but I have lost interest, which is natural, since I am nearly 17. Short answer, I've grown up.

    Another reason why I'm leaving is because I'm sick of the community and players within it. As some of you may know, I was a Mod+ and a reinstated Mod on J&H, so I've seen some downright disgusting things on the server, some things I wasn't first prepared to see. The attitude from many players is disgusting and people don't think twice on what they say to people on here. Will they change? Who knows.

    And for the last main reason, this ties in with what I said in the first paragraph, "I've grown up". As I live in the UK, I am currently working through something called A-levels. Without A-levels, I can't get into University. As I have recently got my MOCK exam results back, I haven't done as good as I should have (All Cs, I need As). This is a clear indication that I've got to focus more on school.

    I could list so many more reasons to why I am leaving, but I didn't want to keep this post so long. I have some honourable mentions/last words I'd like to say however:


    @ItsHarry @ItsJerry: I want to thank you for seeing your potential in me. I enjoyed my time as staff on here and I appreciate all the work you've done for your server. I wish you guys the best of luck for the future.

    @Ezzerland @MC_Scout @Krewlex: You guys are amazing. You guys have great talent and skills which if you don't see for yourself, I see them. Please don't waste your talent, you guys are incredible at what you do.

    @Cheez @Progtrash: (I wanted to address Cheezi here instead of with all the admins) Our relationship between us three are far beyond great. Yes, we've had our really bad times, but we've had some good times. I'm sorry about my attitude towards you both. It's a dick move and I shouldn't have done that. Good luck in the future.

    @Lone @Davey @Soap @Mark (can't find his @) @Jops: You guys I can't thank enough. You've been there for me in my time in need and I honestly can't thank you guys enough. You're all amazing in my book, don't let anyone tell you guys that you aren't amazing people.

    The entire staff team:
    I would list you guys out individually, but that'd take too long to do. I enjoyed my time working with you and I hope you guys enjoy your time as staff members on J&H, learn from your mistakes and most importantly, enjoy yourselves.

    I could sit here and list everyone I appreciate for being there for me, but again, it'd take too long. You're all amazing and I can't thank you guys enough for the time I've had on here.

    If I've done something bad to you, I just want to let you guys know that I'm sorry.


    That's it from me, bye guys.

    - Embracive
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    ily bro
    good luck with everything. better still talk to me on discord
    thanks for helping me with everything you did, you were the biggest help and inspiration for me and i still look up to you to this day
    gl <3
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    seeya my man. it was fun talking to you and getting along with you. hope we can do some more stuff in the future!
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    i just want to quickly apologize for the beef we've had, you are a great guy and have honestly inspired me to become better.

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    :frown: Love you bro. Here is my @ nerd. Embracive take what I said into account tho.
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    I am really sorry for how things ended up yesterday. I hope that sometime in the near future we can be okay again. I love you kid. You are an amazing person with so much potential. You will do great things. Good luck wherever you land in the future.
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    I dont think ive ever talked to you much, but good luck with whatever the future brings

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    I've talked to you a bit, and i'd say that we've had a good relationship. Good luck to you my friend, hope you get your A's.