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    August 24th, 2016. The day where a culmination of 8 months of waiting had come to a head. The day I had been waiting for, ever so impatiently.

    This was the day I finally became a staff member on the IJAH network. My dream came true, and I received the Helper rank. I knew that my time here would be changed dramatically due to the addition of a staff rank to my name, and I knew that one day I would actually have to make the decision on retiring. In my mind back then, I expected perhaps a year, depending on how much I moved through the ranks. If I told myself back then that I'd be a staff member on this server for 3 years, 2 of them being with the Mod+ rank, I would've called myself crazy.

    But that's just the truth. I have been here for 3 years, 2 of them being a Mod+. And if given the chance to rewrite history, I wouldn't change it for anything.

    I have learned, grown, adapted, understood more about myself through this community and through my time as a staff member more than going through any other aspect of my life. This place held a special place in my heart for not only the 3 years of my staff tenure, but the two years of being apart of this community before then. That's 5 years of my life.

    I'm about to turn 18 in August, officially becoming an adult. Just take that into perspective. 5 years of being an active, sometimes among the most active, member of an online community. 5/18. That's a pretty big deal if you ask me.

    Throughout my time here, along with learning so much about myself and the person I am, I have also met a large amount of people that, if I tried to name everyone that ever impacted my time here, I might exceed a character count if these threads even have one. Look, what I mean is, almost every person I've met on this network in the span of 5 years has impacted me in some sort of way. I don't want to try to name the majority of these people mostly because I'm afraid of leaving someone important out. But if you're reading this and knew me, just know you are one of those people.

    Now that we got all that out of the way, her e's the moment you've all been waiting for. The reason I resigned as staff is......

    Lack of interest

    Yeah, not because I'm going off to college or joining some sort of crazy work that requires me to give away the internet, it was simply because I lost interest.

    Minecraft is a game that will forever hold a piece in my heart. I've owned my account since December of 2012, and ever since, I have been a fan of the game and an active player. But, as of recent months, and even a year or two, I've been losing interest in playing the game on a regular basis.

    Here's what this means. I like Playing Minecraft but being forced to play Minecraft every so often, that's what killed me. I want to play a game because I actually *want* to. The moment playing a game becomes a chore and a necessity, that's when you know your love for it, at-least, is temporarily gone.

    So yea, I don't hate Minecraft. But it isn't one of those games for me anymore where I can play it on a constant basis.

    Along with my interest in Minecraft dwindling, the size of the community impacted this as well. I know no one wants to hear this but the community is much smaller than it once was. An interest in Minecraft almost dwindled to nothing + not having much to do even when I can come on the server really killed my love for being a staff member.

    But, even with all of this, the community is actually the only reason I stayed a staff member for so long. I'm an old man here, a veteran. I've seen people come and go over the course of 5 years. Almost every single time I've seen a staff member resign, whether they were well-known or some random no one knew, as soon as they resigned or were demoted, their connection with the community and the people they knew here was seemingly dropped like a hot pocket.

    That is what scared me the most. I didn't want to leave here on my own terms, and then have all my connections, my friendships go to dust.

    But at some point, I realized that with work and effort, I can prevent this in the best way I can. And, before I move on, this has happened naturally over the years. I've known people on here for multiple years, some only a few. I met some people in 2015 who I don't even remember their names, so I guess a level of distance is natural.

    Going on, what I really had to realize, and boy was this hard to actually take in, was that the job was more important than keeping tabs with people I knew. And, this was a pill I refused to swallow until yesterday where I finally pulled the trigger and submitted my letter of resignation.

    I want the next Mod to take my place to do a better job than I was capable of. Due to busyness IRL, and the lack of interest, I grew inactive over the course of many months. I forgot protocols, commands, certain rules; I was rusty and knowing the person I am today, adapting back into the fold of things would be something very hard to do. So, someone who actually is active and actually has done good work as a Mod; I hope they are able to take my place and fulfill my duties I left as a Mod+.

    Now, as for my stance with the community after my departure.
    I don't think I'm going to leave fully, at-least not yet. This thread is more or less a goodbye to my position as staff, as I venture on into this new journey. I still have interest in this place and I think that maybe with the new look of scenery (now coming from a donator's eyes) could rejuvenate some interest on my end. Who knows, anything is possible really. But yea, as of right now, I'm not gone.

    Also, if it wasn't made clear yet, unless things change and I become crazy without my rank, I plan for my 3 year tenure to be my *only* tenure. I've seen many staff come back and tarnish the reputation they brought to the team with their first time around. I don't want that to be me. I know I'll miss my rank, my commands, my easy access to my friends, but I want to show everyone that it is possible to resign and then proceed to stay resigned.

    That's about everything I have to say. I want to thank everyone for a tremendous 3 years, especially my fellow staff members. I didn't know some of you near the end of my tenure, but I know that you are doing a great job. I've met many staff members who have come and gone, and I am so thankful that this team accepted me and understood the difficulties IRL brought with my playing time. You all are tremendous people.

    One final thank you, and I am happy to undertake on this new journey.

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    i didn't realize you were staff for so long tbh, i mistook you as someone who joined the team around the same time i did but its still been forever, its crazy how long you were staff.

    you definitely did a lot for the server and from what i can remember working with you was so fun and easy because you're a great person!

    i hope all goes well for u and that u flourish!
    love you <3
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    Goodbye, buddy, good luck in life.
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    With you and Picks gone, the only staff member from 2016 left is Ezzerland (I think). Anyway, I've watched you grow over the past years. I remember when you blew a fuse one day and almost resigned during the Skype days, good thing you didn't or else you would have missed out on a lot. Was nice getting to know you SMG, till next time.
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    Love ya
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    I hosted an event, the Epic Staff Battles, to encourage the community to come together with staff in enjoyment of the server. The day before the event, a small promotion wave was issued where SMG's rank to mod+ was not included as it had not been finalized. Through the entire event, SMG was heartbroken, considering resignation because he felt his effort was overshadowed and unnoticed. For some reason, he didn't cave and remained staff. The very next day he was given his promotion to mod+ and, as far as I recall, never doubted himself again.

    I'll remember you and what you have done, even if you were to vanish into the night. But I will continue to be thankful for each day you find yourself a member of the community.

    I truly appreciate you and I am very proud of the growth I have seen in you in my time knowing you as my friend.

    To family,
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    This is simply too important for me to not reply on.
    I'd like to personally thank you for the impact you've had on so many people on the server. You're one of the most genuine, friendly and supportive people I've met, I daresay, in my entire life. I can still remember back in 2016 when you were just this rando who made #IJAHalert threads and tryharded for staff. I soon came to realize you were one of the best people I'd be meeting on this server.
    I usually do not feel a single particle of sadness when people resign nowadays, but for you, it's different. It's hard to imagine you, who put so much of your identity and effort into being an amazing staff member, leave this server. As always, I more than totally support and encourage your decision, but your impact will not be quickly forgotten. As a member who has made some of the best suggestions this server has ever seen, and someone who would not resign for any reason whatsoever, you have become some kind of "modern William", if I'm making sense. Someone who we have a hard time seeing as a non-staff member simply because of the sheer importance of their time spent on the server. If someone thoroughly deserved admin rank, it was you. You're likely the best staff member this server has ever seen. No other staff member has ever put as much heart and soul into volunteering for the server as you did.

    This is, of course, a very good thing and an amazing personality trait to have, especially in our world. As a business, I'd die to have someone as dedicated as you in my team of workers. You're someone with an immense potential and I want to ask you to not let ego issues, hardships or self-hatred take over. I remember feeling so bad when reading those threads you made a few months ago about your body, because you aren't someone who should have to deal with this kind of stuff. Stop thinking about how others feel and all will be okay. People will see past those (very minor) imperfections that shouldn't even be a problem in your mind. Keep doing what makes you happy and let me tell you that you will be someone who will succeed in life like no other.

    Take care. Good luck in everything. Even though we haven't communicated in a while, thank you for all those years of friendship and support. You're an amazing person.
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    I don't know you all that well, I'd say our only good interactions were during the realm, but I remember you for being one of the best, kindest staff members around. Respect for staying for so long man

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    Wish you the best of luck, I hope the best for you and where life takes you~
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    You are one of my favorite people that I've met on IJAH. You have always been there and it is going to be weird without you around. I love you. I wish you the best in everything. <3
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    Fuck man, how did I miss this.

    Man I know we haven't talked in maybe 2 years properly, but I've known you since late 2015, and you are honestly one of the best guys I know on this server. Like legit the amount of respect I have for you is unreal.

    When I got staff you were one of the first staff to step forward and ask if you could be a mentor. Unfortunately someone else had already taken that role up but you were always there to give me advice on what to do in certain situations, be it on the server or off. One of the most mature guys I've met on here. Even though you haven't been as active you always had a say on what was important, and more than often I found myself agreeing with what you said.

    Take care man, hope everything goes well for you at College.

    The best UHC partner I ever had btw.
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    I’m not gonna write a book since I honestly never talked to you a lot, but I was there since your beginning of being a staff member, and you were one of the best imo. Always active (at least up until the end), dedicated, knowledgeable and respectful.

    Overall a good person to be friends with. Even though you were my mentor for only like 5 minutes, even the effort you put into that was amazing. Thanks for that.

    Have a good one my guy.
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    my biggest inspiration, thank you for inspiring me to always try and do better and to never give up hope. i appreciate you so much and thanks for everything. good luck in where you're going.
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    I think one thing I can regret looking at this post is not getting to know you better. By the time I got staff I didn't see you on very often and therefore didn't get a chance to talk to you. I hope you get the best from life moving on.
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