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    I know that this suggestion wouldn't exactly help skyblock to become better but it will make it a lot easier to purchase items. So here are the suggestions in regards to the /shop:

    1. Rather than just have one arrow that says next page, there should be multiple arrows labelled with numbers to indicate different pages. The benefit of this is that players would not need to flick through all the pages just because they wanted to buy an inventory of the block or items. (Screen shot 1)

    2. Being able to buy in larger mass quantities. I know that with most items in the shop, the max amount you can purchase is 9 stacks at a time. However when it comes to island building, players would obviously require more than just 9 stacks. So the suggestion is to make the bulk size larger up to 36 stacks. (Screen shot 2)

    3. There are some items in the /shop where the bulk purchase is available however, you cannot purchase it as it will simply say that your inventory cannot hold that many. For example, lava and water buckets have the availability to purchase in a whole stack, the issue here is that a stack means 64 and because water buckets or lava buckets do not stack, you simply cannot use that option. (Screen shot 3)

    These are just my suggestions on /shop which would make it more efficient to use.

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