Sheets That are More Detailed Than the Official Wiki

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Good sheet?

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    Hey there.
    I'm 1314520.
    Here are some sheets that are more detailed than the official wiki.
    You can check it out here.
    If you have any suggestions for more information or want to fill in the "To be confirmed" on the sheet, reply below.
    If there's still anything you don't know, check out the official PrisonMMO wiki here.
    @ItsJerry you really need to write more lol.

    3/5/18: Sheet created.
    4/5/18: Coal was found in Tier II.
    4/5/18: Oak Wood was found in Tier II.
    23/5/18 (Woah that was really long): Chicken was found between Tier II and III.
    23/5/18: Cave spiders drop string.
    19/8/18 (I know it's been almost 3 months): Melee sheet now use area numbers so there will be no messy between-tiers numbers.
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